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  1. Gone With the Wind™, the enduring story of passion, struggle and resilience, celebrates its 75th anniversary this year! Presented in epic scale, it remains one of the most acclaimed achievements of the American cinema, and one of the greatest love stories ever told. Barbie® Collector is thrilled to honor this landmark occasion with three new Gone With the Wind™ dolls! This sweeping historical romance takes place in the 19th century American South, against the backdrop of the Civil War and the early days of Reconstruction. With themes including love of home and love of country, the historical events are integral to the story and they capture our imagination. But it’s the film’s passion and the love between the two main characters that capture our hearts. We are captivated by the tale of SCARLETT O’HARA™, who grows from a spoiled, self-centered girl of sixteen into a confident woman, a lover, a mother, a widow, and to the end, a survivor. Like many of the best characters in fiction, Scarlett is not perfect. In fact, sometimes she is not very likable. But she is always human, and it’s her very real struggle against the world, and against her own nature that draws us to her, and keeps us rooting for her, even when we dislike her actions. Of course, every great heroine needs a hero, and Scarlett more than meets her match in the handsome RHETT BUTLER™. Rhett sees the real Scarlett, and although he refuses to put up with her scheming ways for years, he ultimately gives in to his deep love for her. Sadly, the relationship ultimately ends in one of the most passionate, heart-wrenching breakup scenes ever put on screen. In celebration of the 75th anniversary of Gone With the Wind™, three new dolls pay homage to these passionate lovers at the heart of the story. First, from the Black Label® collection is the Gone With the Wind™ SCARLETT O'HARA™ Doll. This stunning portrait doll, sculpted in the likeness of Vivien Leigh, is a re-creation of the scandalous red dress Scarlett wears to ASHLEY WILKES™’ birthday party. It features dramatic layers of sheer tulle, jeweled trim, and feathers. Drop earring and classic red lips provide the perfect finishing touches. Also from the Black Label® Collection is the Gone With the Wind™ RHETT BUTLER™ Doll, sculpted in the likeness of Clark Gable. Scarlett’s paramour wears the suit featured in the fateful scene at Twelve Oaks, where the two first meet. Rhett is dashingly handsome in his double-breasted pinstripe vest, tailored jacket, and dotted cravat. Finally, from the Gold Label® Collection, is the exquisite Gone With the Wind™ SCARLETT O'HARA™ Doll in the iconic white ruffle dress from the opening scene. Featuring six cascading tiered ruffles edged in lace, this magnificent dress is trimmed with lace detail and features tiny white buttons, a red belt, and a delicate cameo. Celebrate the 75th anniversary of Gone With the Wind™ with the two characters at the heart of this acclaimed film. Yes, tomorrow is another day, but order from our online store now, before these spectacular dolls are gone… swept away with the wind… GONE WITH THE WIND, its characters and elements are trademarks of Turner Entertainment Co. & The Stephens Mitchell Trusts. © Turner Entertainment Co. (s14)
  2. On March 11, 2011, Ken® celebrates his 50th anniversary as Barbie’s original boyfriend. In honor of the big day, Barbie® is a dazzling party hostess! Wrapped up in an eye-catching ensemble that pays tribute to Ken’s signature style, she wears a cyan blue dress with plaid bodice (reminiscent of his sweater vests), dramatic earrings and a bow at her waist (like his classic bow ties). Barbie also comes with a gift box tagged for her favorite guy, Ken! We recently caught up with designer Linda Kyaw, who gave us some fun doll dish on Happy Birthday®, Ken® Barbie® doll. According to Linda, “This doll was all about finding the right mood and asking the right questions: What would Barbie wear to Ken’s big bash? What would she bring as a present?” And so Linda set about creating the perfect tribute to Ken. “Because she’s such a fashionista, Barbie wanted to wear the most glamorous and modern gown she owned, inspired by Ken’s signature color: Cyan. And of course, her dress features adorable details like his signature plaid delicately placed on her organza bodice, perfectly tied with a ribbon around her waist. That same ribbon is used to tie that perfect giftbox Barbie has for Ken. I wanted to bring signature Ken in every way possible to this doll.” Mission accomplished! How will YOU celebrate Ken’s big birthday? Post your party plans in the comments!
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    LOVE your Louboutin dolls and shoes?

    Don't miss this behind the scenes glimpse of Christian Louboutin at his fab Barbie photo shoot! You are missing some Flash content that should appear here! Perhaps your browser cannot display it, or maybe it did not initialize correctly.
  4. The design team at Barbie® Collector continues a great tradition with the festive and fashion-forward 2011 Holiday Barbie doll! The first holiday doll debuted in 1988 and was an instant hit with collectors worldwide. Ever since, the holiday dolls have come to symbolize the joy-filled spirit of the season with colorful costumes, hair and makeup styles that reflect the trends of the day. Holiday Barbie tops the list as the gift everyone loves to receive this time of year due to the superior level of craftsmanship. Barbie has always paved the way when it comes to style trends, and the latest holiday doll ups the ante — a sensational merger of modern couture and wintry pizzazz created by the one and only Robert Best! Reaching new heights of glamour and sophistication, Barbie wears a brilliant gold and green gown that’s a marvel to behold. Like the very best of designs, the subtlety of the elegant gown’s construction belies the intricacy that went into its creation. An off-the-shoulder forest green sash drapes across the strapless bodice and emerges from the back to create the stunning train and overskirt. Embroidered in white-golden thread, the overskirt decoratively falls, in double-tiered waves, over the golden lamé floor-length pencil skirt, creating a bold interplay. Barbie doll’s dramatic look for the holiday soiree is accessorized with trendy golden chandelier earrings, and her lips and nails are painted bright cherry-red — a classic look for the winter months. The holidays are a time to reflect on the passing year and — more importantly — to celebrate family and friends as we usher in an exciting New Year. This year’s special Holiday Barbie serves as a great reminder to spread good cheer, and fortunately, she’s only a click away at the Barbie® Collector online store!
  5. Every globetrotting entrepreneur needs quick access to fashions with an executive flair! Bustling from airport terminals to boardroom meetings, today’s careerist depends on essential fashion staples that make great first impressions. With that in mind, the BFMC™ introduces Classic Camel Coat Barbie® Doll! Featuring the new articulated Silkstone® body sculpt, this goal-oriented exec tops off her smart ensemble with the most elegant of camel coats—a streamlined version of a timeless classic—a sleek and fitted trench coat. Barbie doll’s tapered new coat makes a bold statement for a busy cosmopolitan dynamo. On the run, Classic Camel Coat Barbie Doll’s urban look comes with 24/7 professional flexibility. Sporty and casual for daytime elegance, the coat also transitions into an evening look for a night out with friends, enjoying the city. Regardless of the hour, the precise and well-chosen professional attire Barbie doll coordinates with the coat lends the entire ensemble a touch of class. Arranged to accentuate the tawny coat’s neutral palette, Barbie doll wears a sharp black turtleneck, paired with a faux-fur leopard skirt and a pair of black leggings. A black handbag and stylish black ankle boots complete her outfit. To top off the savvy look, Barbie sports a pair of deluxe round sunglasses over her glossy long blonde hair. She’s also as fresh-faced as her innovative new look. Her features and makeup are bright, with soft brown eyebrows highlighting her captivating blue eyes. She wears a hint of azure eye shadow and dons a bright shade of brilliant red lipstick for a dash of color. Edgy and stylish, this BFMC exclusive reaffirms Barbie doll’s status as one of the world’s leading trendsetters. Dressed from head to toe in black with a hint of excitement and enveloped in a sumptuous camel coat, this look is one many fashionistas will be sporting in and out of the office in the very near future! Also, for those who love to mix and match, the entire ensemble coordinates with a variety of different Silkstone® Barbie fashions—ensuring Barbie always appear sensational in an instant! The luxurious Classic Camel Coat Barbie® Doll is right here at your fingertips at our online shop! Click here to download the April Calendar.
  6. It’s the moment Twilight fans the world over had waited years to see, from the moment it was first published by novelist Stephenie Meyer. Now, it’s been captured with two new dolls from the Barbie® Collector Spring 2012 Collection! Relive the iconic wedding with Bella and Edward — a scene that fulfills the promise of their relationship and delivers a romantic climax to the Twilight series. Edward, the eternal heartthrob, of course looks smashing in his tuxedo. But this is Bella’s ultimate fashion moment, and she is absolutely breathtaking. The long silky gown, inspired by the one she wears in the blockbuster movie, features a sheer draped back and beading that cascades from the neck and all the way down through the train. The finer details have been captured, too. Bella’s wedding day hairstyle is the same as it is in the movie, and fans will especially love two accessory touches — the re-creation of her amazing wedding ring, and the addition of the blue hair clip, given to Bella by her mother for her “something old, something blue.” Not only do their wedding garments evoke the costumes from the film, even the packaging echoes the timeless scene. When the boxes are displayed together, they form the wisteria-draped awning under which Bella and Edward swore an undying commitment to each other, come what may. Their love may be immortal, but they won’t stay in the online shop forever. It’s a fan-favorite moment, so shop now and bring their love home to your collection today!
  7. Flashes of lightning illuminate the foreboding façade of an antiquated mansion. Seeking shelter from the impending storm, you knock insistently until the heavy front door creaks open, revealing mysterious Mistress of the Manor Barbie. Her stern but mischievous look says, “Enter if you dare.” Entranced by her bewitching beauty, you take the dare and follow her inside. As dramatic as a thunderbolt, Mistress of the Manor Barbie Doll — the third doll in the Haunted Beauty collection — sets the perfect theatrical tone for a ghastly good ghost story. While bringing his sinister creation to life, designer Bill Greening turned to classic cinema for spine-tingling inspiration. “I love old horror films from the 1950s — William Castle movies, like 13 Ghosts and House on Haunted Hill,” he says. “There’s often that character who greets the weary traveler and speaks with a thick Transylvanian accent.” The Mistress velcomes you in a gorgeous, Victorian-inspired ensemble, featuring a plum satin jacket with a layered bustle and long, sweeping skirt. She carries a set of skeleton keys — she has a house full of secrets to protect! — and a golden candelabrum with drippy candles to light your way through the crypt-like corridors. “As she takes you to your room, she might weave you through the dark parlor and talk about what happened in this house,” Bill says. “Or she might remind you that you’re miles away from town. No one can hear you scream.” Fans and collectors alike will scream for this doll’s frightfully stylish details. The fitted jacket is accented with a small placket, lace ruffles, and puff sleeves at the shoulder, while black boots, earrings, and a cameo brooch elegantly accessorize her spellbinding look. For a touch of ghoulish humor, the Mistress also comes with a Life in the Scream House “book.” A shocking swath of white runs through her raven hair, pulled into a bun atop her rare Mermaid face sculpt. “This is not a sculpt we use very often,” Bill explains. “It can be kind of severe but also pretty at the same time. I wanted her eye shape to be slender, like a side glance, like she knows everything.” She knows you’re dying to add Mistress of the Manor Barbie to your collection. The first “living character” in the series (after the Haunted Beauty Ghost™ and Vampire™ dolls), this enigmatic overseer of spirits and keeper of secrets is ready to greet you now at the online shop. Go on, take the dare!
  8. The 2015 Birthday Wishes® Barbie® Dolls are here! And for the first time, this annual collection features a Hispanic doll in addition to the Caucasian and African-American dolls. This is the third year for the Birthday Wishes® collection, which started as a beautiful way to share Barbie® with the special girls in your life, as they celebrate the start of a new year of excitement, growth, challenges, and opportunities to “Be Super” in everything they do! Linda Kyaw was chosen to design the doll, and she delivered a dress that any girl would dream of wearing. For the facial sculpts, she chose the Goddess sculpt for the African-American Birthday Wishes® Barbie®, Aphrodite for the Hispanic Birthday Wishes® Barbie®, and the CEO sculpt for the Caucasian Birthday Wishes® Barbie®. All the 2015 Birthday Wishes® Barbie® Dolls wear a lovely pink strapless gown with a lace bodice and overskirt, cinched at the waist with a pretty white bow. Each doll also has the perfect pair of earrings and shoes to go with her gown, and a doll stand for her to easily grace a doll shelf or nightstand. Continue a touching tradition – or start a new one! – by sending Birthday Wishes® Barbie to the young Barbie® fan in your life. You can find them all at TheBarbieCollection.com™ online shop!
  9. If you’re a true Barbie® fan, you know that designer Robert Best is famous for the gorgeous dolls he creates in the Barbie® Fashion Model Collection, his signature line. And you most likely also know that each year, Robert’s dolls embody a particular theme. From celebrated career girls to stylish gals on the social scene, Robert infuses each and every doll with his own love for chic style and high fashion detailing. In 2011, Robert may just have outdone even himself in this collection. After traveling to Russia and discovering the emerging fashion market there, he returned to America and set to work on the 2011 dolls in his signature collection. Taking inspiration from the city’s rich history, its colorful and cultural landmarks, and of course the FASHION, Robert created an entire collection of stylish and exotic dolls that embrace and embody the country’s unique heritage. One look at this collection, and we’re sure you’ll be adding them to the top of your wish list! In 2011, we’ll be unveiling all of the delightful dolls in the collection. For now, here’s a sneak at three of Robert’s Russian beauties. First, there’s Mila™ Barbie® Doll. Blond, adorable, and oh so stylish, this doll wears a fashion forward ensemble that pays homage to Russian nesting dolls. “I particularly love this doll’s face. It is a very sweet, dolly face and kind of a departure from the usual more vampy make-up I prefer. I also love the Matroyshka doll print because of course Russian nesting dolls are a ubiquitous item found at every tourist spot in Russia,” Robert explains. And then there’s Darya™ Barbie® Doll. Sleek and sophisticated this breathtaking beauty embodies Russian elegance. Wearing a striking red dress with golden detailing and black stiletto boots, she’s sure to turn heads wherever she goes. “If there is a color I associate with Russia, it would be a brilliant, regal red. But red is nothing without a little gilt to dress it up, so I love the golden embroidery on Darya's short dress. There’s a throne room at L'Hermitage that reminds me very much of the details of this dress and of course it is red with gold accents,” Robert says, adding, “I also particularly like that the dress is short as it is typical to expect an evening look to be a long gown, but the short dress feels fresh.” When you think of definitive Russian glamour, you can’t forget the country’s must have fashion accessory – the Ushanka, or stylish faux fur cap with ear flaps. Verushka™ Barbie® Doll wears an oh-so-stylish Ushanka atop her blond locks. Her chic ensemble also features a detailed black coat, faux fur trimmed boots, with plenty of fashionista attitude! According to Robert, “The doll's hat is particularly great because it’s basically a trapper hat, but done in black fab faux fur with luxe details like a silvery chain chin strap, and of course Barbie keeps things glam with a blinged out hatpin.” To check out each of the dolls in this year's Barbie Fashion Model Collection, as seen on their fully designed sets, come back to BarbieCollector.com each month for updates. Now that you’ve gotten a glimpse of these three Russian beauties, which one tops YOUR wish list? Share your faves here. AND…stay tuned. There’s more to come from the Barbie Fashion Model Collection in 2011. Until then, stay stylish!
  10. The Barbie Look® Collection made waves in 2015 with four metallic-themed styles – Bronze, Gold, Lace, and Silver. But that was just the beginning. Meet the new dolls making a colorful splash in the collection! Bill Greening has outdone himself with this new four-doll series, expanding the range of fashion ensembles Barbie® wears to shine in the spotlight at any event. They’re stylish, stunning, and unstoppable! Let’s introduce you to these new fashion-forward icons. City Shine™ Blue Barbie® Doll wears a cool turquoise metallic dress with a sweetheart neckline, and a large bow at her waist. City Shine™ Purple Barbie® Doll is the one in the striking blue and fuchsia cocktail dress with the single-sleeve design. City Shine™ Red Barbie® Doll rocks a bright red metallic sleeveless blouse with slim black pants. And City Shine™ Pink Barbie® Doll completes the series with a brilliant hot pink dress featuring an asymmetrical hem and oversized bow at her shoulder. There’s even more to love with these gorgeous new doll designs. Each of the dolls comes with a set of chic accessories, including jewelry, shoes, and clutches. Careful attention has been paid to their makeup, and you’ll see a variety of face sculpts and hairstyles, too. The 2013 and 2014 Barbie Look® dolls have all sold out on TheBarbieCollection.com, so don’t wait too long before picking up the 2015 metallic fashion dolls. Go to the online shop right now to get them all for your collection!
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    Rock On: Barbie® Doll Music Festival!

    The Barbie Look™ Barbie® Doll Music Festival, the new addition to #TheBarbieLook™ Collection, captures today's music scene in a festival-inspired ensemble with creative flair! Impressed by the trendy bohemian glamour worn at music festivals like Coachella, designer Bill Greening envisioned Barbie® doll in a similar setting. Music festivals now attract designers, models, and stars,” says Greening. “It’s not only about the music. It’s also about a specific look — a combination of Woodstock and Coachella, with a huge following on sites like Instagram because the styles are so unique with a fresh new vibe.” Always thinking ahead, the inventive designer took his vision to a new level. The result? A cool and carefree summer stunner — The Barbie Look™ Barbie® Doll Music Festival "Since festival fashion is always trending on photo-sharing apps, I thought it was a great fit for Barbie®." Barbie® doll epitomizes the festival look in an eclectic outfit with retro appeal. Her breezy paisley-print maxi-dress features a halter top and ties at the waist with a gleaming golden belt. For extra panache, she coordinates the look with a stylish fringe shoulder bag, wedge heel sandals, sculpted feather necklace and a wraparound bracelet. “Along with the fashion, each miniature accessory is detailed for close-up digital photography,” says Greening, referring to a very realistic-looking retro-style camera, festival map and, of course, a water bottle for staying hydrated. “Music festivals are fun and people are always smiling and dancing, so we decided on the lovely Aphrodite face sculpt. Barbie® doll’s articulated body is also a great choice for striking a variety of dance poses!” Greening adds. Greening used a lighter palette for Barbie® doll’s face paint. Her lips are a soft pink, and a stroke of eyeliner highlights her hazel eyes. Barbie® wears a decorative floral headband over her long strawberry blonde hair parted in the middle, ready for an exciting night at an outdoor concert. Cameras ready! Barbie® doll has a reputation as a trendsetter, and the arrival of The Barbie Look™ Barbie® Doll Music Festival is an eagerly awaited showstopper! Post a selfie with The Barbie Look™ Barbie® Doll Music Festival — she’s all yours at our online shop! Click here to download the June calendar.
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    Game On, Barbie® Scores in Britto!

    When Neo-Pop Art superstar Romero Britto designs for Barbie, even a soccer ball turns into a fashion statement! Barbie is a perfect muse for the Brazilian sensation, whose beautiful portrait of Barbie served as an inspiration for this special edition doll. Britto is an artist who excels at transforming the world into a joyous vision with a palette of bright, brilliant colors and graphics. His unique style symbolizes the power of positive thinking. Like Barbie, he believes you can achieve your goals and win at the game of life. Suns, moons, hearts and flowers happily abound in his work, and he brings the same dynamic pop sensibility to the world of Barbie. Britto's design for Barbie celebrates two things dear to his heart — Brazil and soccer. The artist starts with a classic dress crisscrossed at the waist with black vinyl straps and turns it into a geometric maze. With a network of stars, stripes, and Brazil emblazoned in graffiti, the dress takes on a vibrant quality that makes it look electric and alive. He tosses a soccer ball into this cubist universe and scores — the result is virtually a painting in motion! Straight swingy hair the shade of platinum is the only way to go when you're wearing Britto! Barbie doll's hair is swept to the side in a sleek and stylish cut. She sports bright cherry red lips and the subtlest shade of smoky eye shadow. Her eyes are vividly outlined in black – evocative of the netting on the shoulders of her dress. Britto kicks off the premium look with athletic knee socks, bouncy shoes and a pair of retro white sunglasses. She’s fresh. She's a champ. She's Barbie by Britto — a super-collectible work of art! Romero Britto and Barbie are international treasures, cherished around the world as symbols of happiness. Now, the joy is yours to bring home when you order from our online store!
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    Swept Up in an Evening of Elegance!

    As the dolls in the 2012 Barbie Fashion Model Collection continue to be revealed throughout the year, one thing has become very clear. Principal designer Robert Best is making a significant fashion statement that goes beyond simply dressing the world’s most remarkable doll!By using the concept of the atelier and applying it to the world of Barbie® Collector, Robert has created a deeper connection to the masters of high-fashion design. He’s also re-connected Barbie to her couture roots, and the well-dressed women of high society who served as the muses for talented designers throughout Europe. Shot through the lens of more than a century of haute couture history, Robert has brought the evolving vision of a woman of elegance into the 21st century! Walking Suit Barbie®, Afternoon Suit Barbie®, and Party Dress Barbie® each exemplify this aesthetic, a tranche de vie (“slice of life”) for a woman of taste. Now comes Evening Gown Barbie®, extending the wardrobe into the sunset hours. Barbie’s ultra flirty and feminine ensemble begins with an embroidered white top, embellished with white beads, clear iridescent sequins, and silk ribbon flowers. A pink satin bow accents the cinch-waist, with a sheer white overskirt adding a touch of subtlety to the pink satin flared skirt. No outfit was ever complete without alluring accouterments, and the attention to detail shines here with Barbie’s pink opera gloves, cross strap shoes, and silvery rhinestone floral earrings with faux pearl drop. The swept-up do accentuates the earrings and her graceful neck, while making a stylistic statement all its own. Designed for the Silkstone® Barbie® doll body and limited to five (5) dolls per order, Evening Gown Barbie is a lovingly crafted, stunningly executed addition to the 2012 Barbie Fashion Model Collection, the 13-year history of the BFMC®, and the long line of designers whose passion expressed themselves in the creative hothouse known as the atelier. Bring home Evening Gown Barbie today!
  14. As the Trans-Siberian train rolls to a stop in St. Petersburg amidst steam, smoke, and a crowd of onlookers huddling together for warmth in the chilly air, one woman disembarks, setting a stiletto-heeled black boot onto the train platform. Heads turn while conversations hush. As her second heel hits the platform, all eyes fixate on this elegant beauty. From head to toe, she's draped in luxurious fabrics and textures. Perfectly straight platinum blonde hair peeks out from underneath her faux fur-lined Ushanka. A sparkle knit top and shiny black vinyl mini skirt make bold fashion statements underneath her “fur” trimmed coat with silvery accents. Black stockings and stylish buckle boots complete the look. So who is this mystery woman? She's Verushka™ Barbie® doll. Embodying the beauty and style of a Russian supermodel, she walks the train platform like she would a fashion runway. Poised and purposeful with every stride. Is she here for a fashion show? A day of shopping? To meet a friend? Only time will tell. As she walks into the distance, fading from view, eyes stay focused on her disappearing figure, still whispering about her beauty, her inimitable style, and where she might be headed. Designer Robert Best describes this elegant beauty as “exotic, alluring, and of the moment.” What three words would you use to describe her? Post your comments here. Ready to add Verushka™ Barbie® doll to your collection? She's available now in the online shop.
  15. Living life joyously and always fashionably. Modeling the perfect look and that unstoppable attitude in any situation. That’s The Barbie Look® Collection what makes so stunning! The collection kicked off in 2013 with the City Shopper™ dolls, each dressed to impress while exploring the hottest fashion-forward boutiques. Then came the Red Carpet™ dolls of 2014, with signature looks for any gala event. For 2015, the bright lights of the big city and glamorous evening attire conspire to create the City Shine™ doll series, featuring four dolls that rank among designer Bill Greening’s most beautiful style setters! “Bronze Dress” wears a dramatic one-shoulder piece, with bold earrings and strappy heels. “Silver Dress” wraps and shimmers, with an asymmetric hemline and monochromatic accessories. “Lace Dress” is metallic, long-sleeved, and hypnotically patterned. “Gold Dress” is cocktail-party perfect, and any of these dresses could be seen at an exquisite party in a penthouse suite with sweeping views of lit-up cityscapes. The 2015 Barbie Look® Collection arrived early in the online shop, and they each come with matching accessories including clutch purses, bracelets, earrings, and of course, shoes to die for. Get them all for your own fabulous collection now!
  16. It’s the big day! After months of rehearsals, with patient coaching by instructors and the support of loving family members, the evening of the ballet dance recital has arrived. A bouquet of roses and the gift of a Ballet Wishes® Barbie® Doll is the perfect way to celebrate your ballerina’s achievement! Barbie® doll has been a fan of the ballet for years, with dozens of ballet outfits in her fashion history, and interpretations of costumes from The Nutcracker and Swan Lake. For this series of dolls, though, the inspiration comes from the most special dancers of all – young girls dreaming and learning, doing their best and having so much fun! The 2014 Ballet Wishes® Barbie® Doll is the second special occasion ballet doll created just for the ballerina in your life. Last year’s dancer stole the show and sold out of our online shop! This month, the curtain rises and a new doll takes to the stage. Barbie® doll shines, thanks to a costume that sparkles in the spotlight. She wears a pale pink tutu decorated with embroidered trim featuring tiny rosettes. Her special pointe shoes with matching pink crisscrossing ribbons help her to perform graceful pirouettes and dance with lightness and grace. She’s a perfect beauty, whether you’re thinking of your daughter, granddaughter, or niece, or you have you own heart and collection in mind. The 2014 Ballet Wishes Barbie Doll is waiting for you right now in the online shop. Get her today!
  17. Barbie dolls and birthdays go hand in hand. The beloved fashion doll has been given as a treasured gift to girls for more than 50 years! With Barbie doll celebrating her own birthday this month, now’s the perfect time to meet Birthday Wishes® Barbie® Doll. Created to honor a new year of love and friendship, this special doll echoes the innocent glamour of a growing girl, all dolled up for her special day. The dress features a lovely pin-dot satin skirt, with a pale pink tulle overskirt gathered halfway with white accent bows. A fitted bodice with a touch of lace adds a mature and graceful touch to the gown. As with many things in life, it’s the little details that mean so much, and with Birthday Wishes Barbie, the details make this a doll to cherish. Her fingernails and lipstick, a pale and sophisticated pink; her hair, specially styled in loose, long, flowing curls; and her matching headband, holding her hair back just far enough to review her beautifully simple pale pink earrings. For moms, daughters, and dolls of all ages, Birthday Wishes® Barbie® Doll is a dream come true, and a perfect way to carry on a tradition of birthday beauty for years to come - just like the dreamy scene in the video below. She’ll arrive in gift-ready packaging when you pick her up in the online shop today!
  18. Celebrate the season in glittering, glamorous style! The most wonderful time of the year is now even more magical, thanks to the magnificent 2014 Holiday Barbie™ Doll, dressed to dazzle at the merriest parties. Barbie® doll has been commemorating the holidays with a unique look each year since 1988. This year, the beloved tradition continues, as Holiday Barbie rings in the festivities with a gorgeous ball gown that mixes modern elegance with a classic silhouette. As designer Linda Kyaw notes, “The doll celebrates all that is glamorous and classic with the holiday’s most dynamic colors — scarlet and gold.” The bright-red gown features a charming sweetheart neckline and full, floor-length skirt made of shimmery fabric woven with sparkles. The ribbon at her waist creates a fanciful bow-like accent and matches the luxurious lace on her strapless bodice and underskirt. The gold-toned lace, a vibrant complement to the rich scarlet fabric, is one of Linda’s favorite design details. “It’s a first for the Holiday doll,” she says. “Lace is always considered delicate and expensive, so it was certainly nice to get it for her!” Barbie accessorizes her exquisite ensemble with peep-toe scarlet shoes and an ornate, poinsettia-inspired necklace. “The necklace is a showstopper and makes for one unique statement jewelry piece,” Linda enthuses. “This is the first time we’ve ever done anything like that for the Holiday doll. And I would wear one myself!” To top off her look, Barbie sports the perfect party hairstyle — long, wavy locks that frame her lovely face. Her eyelids are delicately dusted with golden glitter shimmer, while radiant red adds festive touches to her lips and matching nails. A spectacular keepsake you’ll cherish for years, the 2014 Holiday Barbie Doll is available now at our online store in both Caucasian and African American versions. Collectors will want to add this stunning beauty to their Holiday Barbie collection, and girls of all ages will love finding her under their tree. Don’t miss your chance to bring Barbie home for the holidays!
  19. In 2010, Barbie® celebrated 30 years of being a global ambassador with the anniversary of the Dolls of the World® Collection. There was even an exhibit held on Ellis Island this summer, highlighting over 50 cultural dolls from the collection. And now this special collection celebrates another major milestone – the very first Ken® doll graces the line! He’s none other than Japan Ken® doll. Brooding, handsome, and exotic, Japan Ken® doll blends traditional costuming of the ancient Samurai culture with a whimsical and couture edge. His red and black ensemble features a long black silky kimono with red trim, a fashion-inspired Obi (the stylish belt wrapped at his waist), and striking black boots. Of course, a Samurai is nothing without his sword, the Katana. With striking features including a dramatic brow, chiseled cheekbones and a painted goatee, Ken rocks the modern Samurai look! And Ken is not the only one with a fierce fashion sense combining eastern tradition with modern style. Japan Barbie® doll wears a stunning combination of Japanese costuming with cutting edge fashion flair. She’s dressed in a silky red kimono with printed flowers on the skirt and side panels and cinched at the waist with a white Obi. Stylish golden boots, a gorgeous golden fan, and flowers in her hair complete the look. Japan Barbie® doll and Japan Ken® doll are the first and most fashion-forward couple to grace the Dolls Of The World line! Will they join your collection?
  20. Though she’s been a TV and film star for many years, American audiences are seeing Fan Bingbing for the first time in her role as Blink in the blockbuster X-Men: Days of Future Past. Now, it’s time for you to get to know Fan Bingbing, as part of the Barbie® Collection! Meet the Fan Bingbing Doll, sculpted in the likeness of the actress, singer, and television producer who’s been called a “style icon” in her native China and abroad. She’s topped both the "50 Most Beautiful People in China" list by Beijing News and the “China Celebrity 100” list by Forbes China! An award-winning actress, she’s also no stranger to the fashion world. The stunning one-shoulder dress she wears is the “Dragon Robe,” designed by Laurence Hsu and worn by Fan on the red carpet at the 63rd Cannes Film Festival. Leaping dragons frolic above crashing waves that adorn the hem of the gown. The Dragon Robe gown made such an impact that it was bought by Madame Tussauds, and a modified version was collected by the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, the largest museum of decorative arts and design in the world! With Fan Bingbing’s star on the rise, now is the perfect time to add this exquisitely detailed creation to your collection. You’ll find the Pink Label® Fan Bingbing Doll in the online shop – get her today, and watch for her on a movie screen near you!
  21. Can you believe Bob Mackie first designed for Barbie more than 20 years ago? No other fashion celebrity has had a longer relationship with the doll-icious diva than Mr. Mackie, and to celebrate his latest creation – Brazilian Banana Bonanza Barbie Doll – he took time to answer a few questions exclusively for BarbieCollector.com. You've been designing for Barbie for more than two decades now! From your stunning perspective, how has Barbie changed over the years? Barbie has become so much more sophisticated in the last 20 years. She’s become far more daring in her fashion choices and she certainly isn’t afraid of a bit of fantasy! Her figure has improved immensely since I first met her; one has only to look at her old snap shots compared to today’s photos. You have a terrific way of mixing whimsy into the glamour of your designs, and Brazilian Banana Bonanza™ Barbie® doll is one of your most playful creations. From what sources of inspiration did she arrive? Brazilian Banana Bonanza Barbie is, of course, inspired by the excitement and exotic glamour that Brazil has always stood for. As a young boy going to the movie musical films of the 1940s, my most favorite star was the remarkable and exuberant Brazilian actress, Carmen Miranda, with her fabulous sense of humor and fashion, color, color, color, her fruit-laden hats and turbans with her very high, platform dancing shoes. Our new Brazilian Banana Bonanza Barbie could easily be Carmen’s granddaughter, with the same joyous spirit and her own 21st century sense of fashion and glamour. Last year's Countess Dracula Barbie doll drove collectors wild! Though you're known for fantasy dolls, she was also a bit of a departure for you - how did you do manage to mix it up so well while still maintaining that Mackie glam? Vampires have traditionally always had a rather tongue-in-cheek sense of style. Most of today’s movie vampires seem to be mopey teenagers. I thought, “Wouldn’t it be fun to have Barbie dress up as the most outrageous glamorously seductive ‘Countess Dracula’?” What's your favorite part about working with Mattel's doll designers? The brilliant artists and technicians at Mattel’s Barbie Doll Division help bring my original sketches into fruition. Believe me, dressing a 12-inch diva is not an easy feat! You bring a drama and a heightened reality to your costuming, but if you had to dress Barbie for the "everyday" life, what do you see her wearing? In the Bob Mackie Barbie World, there is no such thing as “casual everyday clothes”– she is always dressed for amazing, over-the-top adventures! She’s not afraid to inspire others to fantasize about who they could be and how amazing they could look. *** Bob Mackie’s creations for Barbie are some of the most popular dolls with collectors, year after year. Don’t wait until it’s too late to get his latest ultra-glamorous vision – add Brazilian Banana Bonanza Barbie Doll to your shopping bag now!
  22. Classic Black Dress Barbie® Doll brings the fine art of modeling to the 2016 Barbie® Fashion Model Collection! The beautiful Silkstone® Barbie doll is a fashion model with a twist—she has an all-new articulated body! Her ability to display fashions with the benefit of a flexible figure makes her a perfect candidate for experimenting with classic posing techniques. Now, Classic Black Dress Barbie Doll can recapture many of the famous stances from fashion’s haute couture heyday. She’s also a dream model for today’s digital-age fashion photographers. Barbie doll’s posable body sculpt adds artful realism and dimension to her graceful poses. Thanks to her articulated wrists, her expressive hands can frame her face and feminine curves or accentuate her fashion accessories. Designer Robert Best raves about the new doll’s versatility. “It does open up really exciting new ways in which the doll is able to showcase the fashions and clothes!” A mix of everything we’ve come to love about the high-concept Silkstone® collection, Classic Black Dress Barbie Doll remains timeless and elegant with a fresh-faced makeover. She wears her platinum tresses swirled into a ponytail, wtih a retro sweep of eyeliner over her aqua eyes. With lips shaded a frosted pink, she’s ready to turn heads wearing a staple from every fashionista’s closet: the little black dress! Classic, chic, and flirty, Barbie gives the iconic look a modern kick, donning a pair of knee-high glossy black boots on her fabulous jointed legs! A fashion doll innovator, Robert Best decided 2016 was the perfect year for elevating the acclaimed Silkstone line to greater heights. “It was definitely time to shake things up and give some new excitement to the collection.” The first in The New Classics Collection, Classic Black Dress Barbie Doll is a welcome addition to the BFMC—giving us a glimpse of the prestigious label’s innovative, glamorous future. Get ready to photograph Classic Black Dress Barbie Doll in all your favorite poses—she’s available now at our online store! Click here to download the February calendar.
  23. Celebrated actress Grace Kelly was already an international sensation prior to her engagement to Rainier III, Prince of Monaco—but it was their whirlwind courtship that became the stuff of legend! Dashing prince, stunning movie star and a fortuitous meeting at the Cannes Film Festival riveted fans, enchanted by their love-at-first-sight romance. By the time America’s platinum treasure was ready to say, “I do,” interest in her gown had reached a fever pitch. Constructed by famed Hollywood costume designer Helen Rose, the gown was a gift from MGM to their brightest star. Sophisticated and demure, the princess bride’s wedding ensemble is now the inspiration for the breathtaking Grace Kelly Bride Doll, the second offering from the Grace Kelly Silkstone® Collection. A perfect fashion match for fans of both Grace Kelly and Barbie® doll, the new collection honors classic American style with a series of beautiful dolls sculpted in Grace Kelly’s flawless image. Since both Barbie® and Grace Kelly are consummate symbols of timeless elegance, this collection is a superb tribute to their enduring influence on modern fashion. The caliber of fashion designer Robert Best’s work on the series also delivers what fans expect from the BFMC line: extraordinary style, effortless glamour and brilliant attention to detail! The Grace Kelly Bride Doll continues the tradition with a sumptuous gown inspired by the unforgettable original that Kelly wore in 1956. A perfect blend of haute couture and make-believe, the high-waist, full-skirted silhouette is framed by a flowing sheer veil and a magnificent train made of lace. The majestic gown is displayed on an equally regal doll that captures Grace Kelly’s renowned poise and confidence. Sky-blue eyes, alabaster skin and platinum hair in a dramatic upsweep recall the luminous star as she appeared at what was heralded “The Wedding of the Century!” Now you can bring home the glamour and romance of that special day with your own Grace Kelly Bride Doll — just a click away at the Barbie® Collector online store!
  24. Summer vacation is here, which means it’s time to dive in to Season 4 of Barbie™ Life in the Dreamhouse, the web-exclusive series featuring Barbie® doll chilling in Malibu! Have a blast watching your fave doll, her friends, family and of course, Ken®, as they all cross paths in the pink mansion by the beach. With shopping, hanging out, cupcakes, romance and more, this show has everything you want in summer entertainment. If you haven’t watched it yet, you’ll especially love the “reality TV” style confessionals, where Barbie® and her BFFs talk right into the camera. So much fun! Now, if you’ve somehow missed any of the previous webisodes, don’t worry. You already know most of the cast, including Barbie® doll’s long time BFF Midge®, and it won’t take long to get up to speed on her new Malibu crew, four fabulously fashionable gal pals. In fact, all six characters have now been spun off into a series of sensational dolls, the Barbie™ Life in the Dreamhouse Collection! These six stylish dolls include the always amazing Barbie™ Life in the Dreamhouse Barbie® Doll, the sassy Barbie™ Life in the Dreamhouse Nikki® Doll, and the boho-chic Barbie™ Life in the Dreamhouse Teresa® Doll. This summer the cast has welcomed a new character on the show with a very appropriate name, the Barbie™ Life in the Dreamhouse Summer® Doll. You’ll get to see more of her in upcoming webisodes, too! Adding a delicious dose of drama is the Barbie™ Life in the Dreamhouse Raquelle® Doll. This beautifully bad neighbor always manages to cause some sort of trouble. Check out her evil plan to sabotage Barbie® doll’s boutique in Help Wanted. Trying to figure out which of these characters is Barbie® doll’s BFF? So are they! Check out the webisode Let’s Make a Doll where they compete to see who wins the title. One of the funniest characters from the show has to be the Barbie™ Life in the Dreamhouse Midge® Doll. Barbie® doll’s oldest friend from back in Willows, Wisconsin, she made her first appearance on the show in A Smidge of Midge, which ingeniously merged an old-fashioned 50s sitcom style with a modern webisode. Brilliant! Make your summer better with a little drama, a little fashion, and whole lot of friendship and fun. Forget “must see TV,” check out “want to watch webisodes” of the summer… then check out the Barbie™ Life in the Dreamhouse Collection to get your favorite characters from the show!
  25. There comes a time in a performer’s career when everything changes. It typically occurs at a huge event, and usually involves walking down a red carpet. Although that walk may only be a few feet, it represents years of hard work, training, and dreaming. This special moment almost always happens in an extraordinary dress, and these days that dress is often designed by Zuhair Murad. We may not have many modern day queens, but we do have our movie monarchs and our pop princesses. The red carpet is where our empresses of entertainment put on their finery and jewels and parade before us, their adoring subjects. It makes perfect sense that so many rising young stars turn to Zuhair Murad’s dazzling designs; his gowns possess that “wow” factor that says they’re stepping into their rightful role as entertainment royalty. The Zuhair Murad Barbie® doll is having that kind of over-the-top, stop-the-presses moment. She steps into the spotlight wearing a stunning strapless gown with a dramatic, striped geometric design. Her blonde updo and sparkling accessories recall a type of Hollywood glamor that is both familiar yet utterly modern. All eyes turn toward her, the flashbulbs explode, and that moment has arrived. It’s her turn to shine! Murad’s gowns often feature embellishments such as shimmering sequins, metallics, and intricate beading, and he’s known for his curve-hugging body-conscious designs. These are red-carpet-worthy gowns that signal supreme confidence. These are gowns that turn the obligatory, “Who are you wearing?” moment into an “OMG, you look amazing and everyone else can go home because no one else even exists on the red carpet right now.” Experience the thrill of the red carpet with Zuhair Murad Barbie® Doll, available now in our online shop. Young, confident and utterly dazzling, she’s the embodiment of glamour as she steps into her rightful role as dazzling diva! ZUHAIR MURAD All Rights Reserved.
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