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  1. To celebrate the final festive dolls in the Faraway Forest® Collection, we’re thrilled to share something wonderful with you! Barbie® Signature Project Copywriter Eleanor Oliver has been writing the packaging copy for these fantastic fantasy dolls, but she’s also written something more: a secret history of Faraway Forest®. It tells of an ancient prophecy, and a humble Elf Princess unexpectedly bidden to help fulfill it. We’ve shared excerpts from the tale of arduous journey in recent posts revisiting the dolls of the collection. Now, the full story can finally be told! Untitled “Fate goes where she must.” -Irish Proverb Far from her home in the Elf Village, the Elf Princess reaches her destination in the Fairy Kingdom. Menacing dark clouds loom overhead and cast a dark shadow over the entire land. Once a lively realm filled with delightful music, flickering lights, and flittering fairies, it has become home to sadness and despair. Gathering her velvet cloak tightly about her and covering her fiery-red hair with her hood, the princess continues towards the castle gate. As she approaches, she overhears a guard whisper to another, “She’s the one”. Once inside the castle’s majestic hall, she is taken aback by the sound of a slow mournful wailing. A rather nervous magistrate greets the princess and guides her through the castle. He explains the wailing is coming from the king. He is mourning a broken heart. The Queen of the Dark Forest used her magic to trap the king’s betrothed, the Maiden of the Meadows, deep within the Dark Forest. The Elf Princess shudders at the mere mention of the evil queen. Legends and lore had long foretold of this time in Faraway Forest. Condemned to live out her existence in the Dark Forest, the queen became jealous when the King of the Fairy Kingdom chose the Maiden of the Meadow to be his bride. In a fury, she tricked the maiden and cast the Fairy Kingdom into eternal darkness. Unless the maiden is returned, the spell will not be broken. To the surprise of many in the king’s court, he did not dispatch an army to rescue the Maiden. Nay, standing before them on this dark and blustery night was an elfin princess, dressed in the woodland garb of her people. She wore no armor, nor did she have a weapon for protection. The Elf Princess was just as taken aback by the king’s appearance. His garments were drab and his crown dull. If he had once been a strong leader, she could not tell now. Dismissing the concerns of his court, the Fairy King reminded them the Elf Princess and her people are immortal and possess keen skills that will aid her on this treacherous mission. Her magic will serve her when strength will not; for within her staff she carries the purest of light. Looking directly into her eyes, the forlorn king tells the princess, “With your powers, you can go where armies cannot. You are the only one for this journey.” Handing her a map of Faraway Forest, the king advises her to visit their allies throughout all the kingdoms, including a special appeal to the Lady of the White Woods. As the sister of the Queen of the Dark Forest, her powerful magic may be their last hope. With nothing more to be said, the Elf Princess leaves the fairy kingdom to begin her arduous journey. She travels west, to the realm of the Magical Lagoon. Perhaps the Water Sprite can read the oracle and direct her to the king’s treasure. As she winds her way through the enchanted Mystical Meadows, the Elf Princess is delighted to make the company of wood nymphs. The kind nymphs prepare a meal for her and keep watch over her while she sleeps. A fortnight and a day later, the Elf Princess arrives at the mystical Magical Lagoon. As she rests along the gleaming water’s edge and waits for the arrival of the Water Sprite, she is careful not to glimpse at her reflection in the water. Such an act would seem vain and could anger the Water Sprite. Before long the shimmering water stirs and the luminous Water Sprite emerges from a great whirlpool. The Elf Princess has never seen anyone more beautiful. The Water Sprite’s translucent blue skin sparkles in the sunlight. Long locks of cerulean blue hair cascades down her back. Her flowing gown undulates like gentle waves. She is both alluring and haunting at the same time. With her trident raised, the Elf Princess senses that the Water Sprite is poised to protect her kingdom. Nervously, the Elf Princess explains she has been sent for an oracle reading. Without uttering a word, the Water Sprite dips her trident into water and swirls it around. As images begin to appear, the princess gasps. She sees the location of the Maiden of the Meadows. More images swirl to the surface: a crystal cave and then pure white woods. The Water Sprite points to the mountains on the princess’s map where she’ll find the Crystal Caves. Before dipping back into the lagoon, the Water Sprites taps her trident to the Elf Princess’s staff. A bright blue light beams from the crystal. The Magical Lagoon fades into the distance as the Elf Princess begins the slow climb up a snow-covered mountain. The wind howls and the frosty air chills her face. The only speck of color on the mountainside is her loden-colored cloak. She arrives at the looming chasm that serves as the entrance to the Kingdom of the Crystal Caves. Gleaming glacial formations tower above her. Once inside, she finds the King of the Crystal Cave has been expecting her. Perched atop his crystal throne, he is the fitting image of a mighty ruler. From his broad, chiseled jaw to his daunting muscular build, it’s clear he too is ready and capable of defending his kingdom from enemy intruders. As he speaks to her, the Elf Princess finds herself mesmerized by his piercing, icy blue eyes. While he may look formidable in his armor, he is also kind and reassuring. To the delight of the princess, he even shares the meaning of the fierce wolf emblazoned on his breastplate. The king expresses his concern about the Queen of Dark Forest and her involvement with the missing Maiden of the Meadows. The unfilled prophecy will have a dire impact on all kingdoms in Faraway Forest. Since he cannot leave his kingdom lest they too fall prey to the Queen of the Dark Forest, he uses his sword to chisel a piece of crystal from his throne. “Carry this with you, and guard it carefully,” he warns the princess. “I trust you will know when to use it” he tells her. Nodding to the blue light glowing from the staff, he adds, “I see the Water Sprite has bestowed upon you the power of her realm. Collect a talisman from the Lady of the White Woods and you will have the force of Faraway Forest to serve you.” He appoints a wolf pack to guide her safely through the frosty tundra to the land that borders his kingdom. The king wishes the princess well and tells her, “You will find the castle of The Lady of the White Woods just beyond the winter-white forest. From there only she can guide you on the final portion of your journey.” It’s nightfall when the Elf Princess reaches a majestic birch forest. A stretch of bone-white trees shines brightly in the moonlight. The wolves bay at the moon before retreating back to the crystal kingdom. A family of hooting snow-white owls fly off in the direction of a clearing, startling the Elf Princess. She follows them, minding the white, winding path that suddenly opens to an enchanting alabaster palace illuminated by the moonlight. Delighted and happy to visit a beloved friend in her enchanted kingdom, the Elf Princess picks up her pace. The Lady of the White Woods descends a cascading ivory staircase. Her flowing, ruffled gown gives the illusion she is walking on air. Her crown and striking neck-piece are silvery branches and feathers gleaned from her kingdom. When she reaches the bottom step, the Elf Princess bows and greets the Lady: “Your majesty, I am the Elf Princess, daughter of the Elven people. I have traveled throughout the kingdoms at the request of the good Fairy King.” The Lady gestures with a nod and responds, “We have met before. I am glad to see that you are well.” Surrounded by a menagerie of sorts, the Lady of the Woods escorts the Elf Princess to her throne room where she listens intently as the princess reveals the plight of the Fairy Kingdom. The Lady of the White Woods shares that she is well-aware of her sister’s treacherous hand in the matter and agrees she must be stopped before all the kingdoms are cast into darkness. The Elf Princess had hoped the Lady of the White Woods would join her on the last leg of the journey, but alas, the queen explains that is impossible. When her sister chose to study the dark arts, their rivalry grew even more intense. When their father was on his deathbed, he split his kingdom into two: one light and one dark. He forbade either daughter to trespass on the other’s land in order to maintain peace and harmony for all in Faraway Forest. Violating his wish would cost each her magical powers. While the Queen of the Dark Forest dared not set foot in the White Woods, that did not stop her from luring Faraway Forest folk to her kingdom. Only a pure, powerful light could quell the spell of darkness, explained the Lady. Plucking a branch from her crown, she hands it to the Elf Princess and tells her, “You now possess talismans from each kingdom. Guard them, for they will protect you in the Dark Forest.” She then warns the Elf Princess: “You must quickly find the maiden and get out of the forest as fast as you can.” She explains that her sister’s magic is so strong it may weaken the spell of the talismans. The Lady offers her bravest to journey with the princess, but they are to go no further than where the White Woods meet the Dark Forest. The land between the White Woods and the Dark Forest is vast and desolate. It is absent of flora and fauna. An eerie, deafening silence pricks the princess’s keen ears. Donning her hood, she forges alone through a dense fog. In the distance gnarled tree limbs seem to reach out menacingly towards her. Summoning the courage and strength of her people, she taps her staff on the ground three times. A bright beam of light shines from the magic crystal. Anxiously, she continues along a jagged path. A heavy air engulfs her as she walks. Feeling confused, she wonders if she has been walking in circles. She cannot see the path ahead of her and every gnarled tree looks the same. Stumbling her way through the thicket, she hears a faint voice repeating, “I am here.” Uncertain if what she is hearing is real or a spell cast by the Queen of the Dark Forest, the princess points the tip of the staff in the direction of the sound. The crystal glows brighter and the staff pulls her deeper into the Dark Forest. A sentry of enchanted gnarled trees retreats as the Elf Princess is pulled towards them. As her eyes adjust, she sees realizes she is now in the center of a clearing and high above her is an iron cage holding the Maiden of the Meadows. The Queen of the Dark Forest emerges from a bowing row of thickets. They rise as she passes. “Mind that you do not look directly into her violet eyes,” the maiden shouts to the princess. “For if you do, you too will become her prisoner.” The Queen of the Dark Forest let out a long, piercing cackle. The Elf Princess stands frozen in her tracks, not from a spell, but from fear. The queen walks slowly towards the princess, pricking the ground with her scepter as she walks. Tiny black ravens appear with each prick and then squawk away into the darkness. The queen’s long black gown shimmers in the darkness. A horned crown crafted from onyx adds to her foreboding presence. “Silly elf,” hisses the queen. “You are a fool to enter my kingdom.” The Elf Princess stands steadfastly, still avoiding the queen’s eyes. Tapping her staff vigorously against the barren ground, a brilliant glow illuminates the gnarled trees. The queen cringes. “I carry the light from each realm in Faraway Forest,” declares the Elf. “Release the maiden and we will be gone.” With the wave of her scepter, the queen’s tree guards move in closer. “You do not possess enough power in that staff to stop me,” mocks the queen. Reaching into her boot, the princess collects the talismans she had gathered from the other kingdoms. Holding them tightly in her hand, she again hits her staff against the ground. The maiden’s cage rattles and shakes above them. The door swings open. Closing her eyes, the Elf Princess calls upon the wisdom and power of her elders. The talismans feel hot in her hand, but she clenches her fist tightly. A blue beam of light, the gift from the Water Sprite, swirls around the Queen. She is trapped in a whirlpool of light. The Maiden’s cage begins to lower. Just as the queen breaks free, the Elf Princess takes the ice crystal from the King of the Crystal Cave’s throne and throws it in the direction of the queen. A crystal ice wall encases the queen. The maiden jumps out of the cage and races to the Elf Princess. “We must hurry,” the princess implores the maiden. “These spells will only hold the queen for a short while.” “How will we escape darkness, once she is free?” asks the maiden. “We are still deep in the queen’s woods.” “You are the way,” the princess whispers to the maiden and hands her the silvery branch from the lady’s crown. Once the tiny branch is in the maiden’s hand, the gnarled trees are transformed into a beautiful evergreen forest. A luminous path directing the way out appears before them. As the pair run towards the sunlight, behind them the trees return to their twisted dark form. Safe from the Dark Forest, the Elf Princess is relieved to see the sun shining throughout Fairy Kingdom. As they get closer, they encounter fairies flitting from tree to tree, hanging festive streamers as they go. The Fairy King had received word that the pair were returning and declared a holiday for all. Merriment is restored and everyone helps prepare for the upcoming celebration. On the day of the long-awaited royal wedding, fairy folk line the path to get a glimpse of the beautiful Maiden of the Meadows. The maiden wears a flowing empire waist gown trimmed with gold accents and she carries a delicate bouquet of flowers from her meadow. Her veil cascades over her long red hair and flows behind her as she walks. The prince looks striking in his gold-trimmed tunic and elegant velvet pants. Reunited with his betrothed, the pair exchange their marriage vows. An enchantress magically transforms their wedding attire; the majestic matching outfits symbolize her gift of everlasting unity. This day was foretold long, long ago: light would conquer dark and true love would endure time and distance. As the celebration continues long into the night, the fairy prophecy has been fulfilled and all lands save one rejoice. Peace, light, and love reign once again in Faraway Forest.
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    Step Inside The Dream Closet!

    Between the iconic labels, sky-high heels, vintage dresses and so many a-mazing memories, there is no place in the world that inspires me more than my closet! Packed with over 50 years of fab fashions, The Dream Closet is any fashion lover’s paradise! This year, I’m thrilled to invite you dolls behind the glittery pink doors, and into a world of endless possibilities! Step inside The Dream Closet and embark on your own adventure! Join me as I tour the closets of some of the industry’s haut-est designers, fashion icons and trendsetters. You can even use some of my fave pieces to create your own stylish sets with Polyvore! Just like the fashions it holds, The Dream Closet is always evolving. Be sure to explore it often… you never know what might be unveiled! So join moi inside the world’s most a-mazing closet and play with fashion like never before! Love and Louboutins, B
  3. The epitome of elegance and sophistication, Grace Kelly lit up the silver screen as an Academy Award-winning actress, won the affections of Monaco royalty, and thrilled the world as a charming, fashionable princess. Now Barbie® doll — another multifaceted beauty — pays homage to this global icon with the exquisite Grace Kelly Collection, which captures her timeless appeal as a movie star, bride, and real-life royalty. The dazzling series debuts, quite appropriately, with Kelly’s first appearance in Alfred Hitchcock’s To Catch a Thief. In the lavish 1955 romantic thriller about jewel heists on the French Riviera, Kelly — herself a rare gem — “catches” the eye of a former cat burglar (Cary Grant) at a hotel casino. Kelly steals the scene and our hearts in her ravishing Edith Head-designed gown. With To Catch a Thief™ Barbie® doll, designer Robert Best, in association with the Princess Grace Foundation, has perfectly recreated this delightful movie moment. Molded in vinyl and sculpted in the star’s likeness, she wears an elaborately ruched one-shoulder gown in shades of blue chiffon, accessorized with a flowing scarf and clutch purse that matches her ensemble and aqua eyes. Her blond hair, styled in an upswept chignon, completes the ultra-chic look. To Catch a Thief™ Barbie® doll is available now in the Barbie Collector online shop. A year after filming the Hitchcock classic, Kelly returned to the Riviera for the Cannes Film Festival, where she met and fell in love with Prince Rainier of Monaco. The Grace Kelly Collection celebrates her next magical role as princess with two gorgeous Silkstone® dolls: Grace Kelly Bride doll wears a faithful reproduction of her intricately detailed wedding gown, and Grace Kelly The Romance™ doll features two of her best-known outfits, including the fabulous floral-print dress she wore in Cannes. Fans can say “I do” to Grace Kelly Bride doll beginning August 1, and swoon over Grace Kelly The Romance™ doll, available October 1. There's more in store, too — watch for Rear Window Grace Kelly doll in February 2012!
  4. Totally Hair™ Barbie® Doll joined the supermodels of the world in 1992 sporting the longest hair ever! One of the most successful dolls in Barbie history, she is back! Collectors can now celebrate her 25th Anniversary with a wonderful reproduction by Bill Greening. “I remember collecting the original when she first came out. I loved her.” Greening says. “There’s a lot of interest in the Superstar era, and Totally Hair™ 25th Anniversary Barbie® Doll is the first reproduction of a 1990s doll.” The original Totally Hair Barbie was designed by Carol Spencer, who just won the prestigious 2017 Women in Toys Emeritus Award. She sat down with us to discuss the phenomenal popularity of Totally Hair Barbie in this exclusive interview! Q: Congratulations on your lifetime achievement award for 35 years of incredible doll creations! What inspired you to design Totally Hair Barbie? A: Thank you! Totally Hair Barbie was an extension of a long career working with hair play, stemming back to the 1960s. It started with Elliot Handler, the founder of Mattel. It was his idea to produce hair-featured dolls. We spent hours discussing play possibilities that resulted in 1967’s Color Magic™ Barbie and continued on to Magic Curl® Barbie in 1982. Q: But Totally Hair Barbie took hair play to great new heights. How'd that happen? A: It was a long process because I’d been working in Asia, and when I returned, there were five designers at Mattel trying to figure out new ways to incorporate hair play. None of the ideas worked, so it was down to the wire. We had very little time before the doll had to go into production. That's when I realized the best way to go forward was to dress the doll with her hair. Q: That’s brilliant! So you simplified it down to the best form of hair play? A: Well, she had to be very pretty for starters, and if you’re going to dress someone in their hair, you better make it long! Q: Like the for the doll states, “Totally hot, totally cool, Totally Hair Barbie, hair so long it’s totally WOW!” A: Exactly! I gave her the long crimped hair and fluffs with elastic to style the hair, along with twist ties. It was all about experimentation. We saw mothers and children experimenting with Barbie’s hair before they did their own hair. All we had to do was give the doll the perfect little outfit. Q: No one who saw Totally Hair Barbie forgot her iconic mini-dress. A: That's because in 1992, there was a resurgence of Pucci-inspired prints on the market, but none of the patterns were small enough to work on Barbie, so we created our own pattern and kept it simple. A short mini-dress with swirls of Barbie’s favorite color: pink! Q: The doll was an international sensation. When did you realize you had such a tremendous hit on your hands? A:When The Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times started writing about the incredible sales, and I finally saw the annual report. Q: The astronomical amount in global sales in just one year is astonishing! A: That was a great time for me because, in addition to Totally Hair Barbie, I had two other hits during that period. Q: What were they? A: We debuted the Classique Benefit Ball™ Barbie in 1992 and I conceived Baby Sister Kelly® the same year. But Totally HairBarbie was definitely the doll everyone was talking about. It’s amazing to think I was able to come up with the concept in the eleventh hour, and it turned out a home run! Totally Hair Barbie Doll became one of the bestselling dolls in Barbie history! Congratulations, Ms. Spencer, and thank you! My pleasure. I'm always thrilled when a doll takes off like that and pleases so many people! ~*~*~*~*~*~ You can imagine the challenge in reproducing a doll that’s become such a storied part of Barbie doll’s history. Luckily, The Barbie™ Collection’s expert in vintage reproductions, Bill Greening, was up to the task. The fashion and accessories were faithfully recreated, as were the facial sculpt and the doll body. “She’s on the Superstar torso with bendable legs,” Greening notes, “because we tried to stay as close as possible to Carol Spencer’s original version of the doll.” The doll also comes with a special commemorative booklet to mark the occasion of her return to the spotlight. Now, you can join the celebration by adding Totally Hair™ 25th Anniversary Barbie® Doll to your collection — she’s available right here at our online shop!
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    Barbie™: The Fashion Experience

    Lights. Camera. FASHION! The world’s most popular doll is also everyone’s favorite fashionista, inspiring young designers and professionals alike to create the fashions of their dreams. All ages will enjoy this hands-on exhibit in which you can take your designs from the workroom to the runway, go backstage with Barbie™ and see some of her most famous looks from the past 50 years, as well as view life-size fashion designs by some of the world’s most renowned designers! The unique inter-generational appeal of Barbie® doll will have entire families sharing Barbie® memories and learning all about the art of collecting. The exhibit includes Fashion Studio Lobby filled with memorabilia representing 50 years of Barbie® and featuring dolls designed by Bob Mackie, Bill Glass, and Kate Spade. Inside the Pink Vault visitors will see some of the rarest, most collectible dolls and artifacts such as the #1 1959 Barbie® doll and the 1961 brown-haired Ken®, along with Andy Warhol’s 1985 Barbie™ portrait. For additional information and images, visit: www.barbiemedia.com www.childrensmuseum.org/barbie
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    Who is the Venetian Muse™?

    Venetian Muse™ Barbie® Doll, the inspiration for myriad wondrous dreams, wears a resplendent ebony satin gown with ornamental gold filigree. The magnificent front panel embossed glitters with the silver sparkle of rhinestones. She raises her hand, veiled in seductive shadowy net, as an indication she will now reveal her alabaster visage. Her intricate headdress reflects the brilliant golden sunburst jewelry on her fitted bodice, casting rays of light upon her transfixed admirers. Time stands still as she draws back the graceful wand of her ornate gold and polished ivory mask. She is a true goddess, reminiscent of the divine muses of Roman mythos.
  7. Meet Lara Croft, inspiration for the Tomb Raider Barbie® Doll! Based on the main character from the upcoming movie, she’s the fiercely independent daughter of an eccentric adventurer who vanished mysteriously… Armed with only her sharp mind, blind faith, and stubborn spirit, Lara ventures into the unknown and must push herself beyond her limits. If she survives this perilous adventure, she will earn the title of TOMB RAIDER! Tomb Raider Barbie® Doll is sculpted to evoke the likeness of the character and comes dressed in an outfit inspired by the movie. Like any intrepid adventurer, she brings the essentials with her on her journey – a map and journal. (We added a doll stand and Certificate of Authenticity for you, too.) The doll also features a fully-articulated body, perfect for high-action poses. She arrives in special Barbie® Signature movie-themed packaging, but don’t let that stop you from taking her out to re-create all the super heroic drama and action! You won’t have to go to the ends of the earth to bring the Tomb Raider Barbie® Doll home to your collection. She’s just a click away in the Barbie® Signature online shop. Get her right now, and join the excitement surrounding the release of the new Tomb Raider movie! TOMB RAIDER © 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures Inc. TOMB RAIDER and LARA CROFT are trademarks of Square Enix Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
  8. By Allen Voivod There’s an exciting change happening behind the scenes, and you’ve been getting glimpses of it in catalogs and emails for a while now. Barbie® Collector is now “The Barbie™ Collection”! The Barbie Collection team revealed more about this stylistic evolution during a spirited Q&A session. We've seen "The Barbie Collection" used as the name of the catalog for the last two years. Why did it change from "Barbie Collector"? The Barbie Collection encompasses a love for all things Barbie! Collecting remains a big part of the Barbie brand. We have also found a strong interest for special Barbie purchases, whether it be passing down memories with our special occasion dolls or finding that perfect gift in our lifestyle products section. Through The Barbie Collection mail catalog and online shop, we have something for every Barbie fan. Will "The Barbie Collection" replace "Barbie Collector" everywhere else? No, many Barbie Collector dolls can still be found through other retailers. The Barbie Collection aims to give you a unique retail experience through exclusive products and content. We are the premier shop for beautiful dolls and goodies not found anywhere else! What new and fabulous things can we expect from The Barbie Collection? We are committed to bringing you the latest Barbie brand news. Check back often for more feature stories, videos and, of course, fabulous dolls. You will also see a new catalog look and feel this Spring with even more behind-the-scenes info. If you don’t receive our catalogs, click here to request one! Is anything from the Barbie Collector world changing or going away? Barbie Collector is still about community. Through The Barbie Collection, we provide you with the tools and forums to build and share your collections with Barbie fans just like you. How will this affect BarbieSM Fan Club members? The Barbie Collection is proud to be the home of the Barbie Fan Club! We have not made any changes to the BFC™ in 2015. We are open to any feedback you may have on improving the Barbie Fan Club in the future. Comment below! Allen Voivod serves Barbie® enthusiasts around the world as Managing Editor for The Barbie Collection News, and Community Manager for @BarbieCollector on Twitter. Part of the BC team since 2003, Allen is also co-owner of Epiphanies, Inc., where he thrives as a biz storyteller, social media speaker, and event leader with his wife Lani, a former content strategist for Barbie.com. A love of Barbie runs in the family!
  9. Ballet Wishes® Barbie Doll returns to the spotlight for another captivating performance! The fifth doll in this special occasion series arrives in the online shop this month in a costume fit for a prima ballerina. Created to celebrate all ballet dancers, Ballet Wishes® Barbie® Doll honors the hard work and dedication these talented artists put into their craft, at any age! A costume like this one represents the moment to which it’s all been building – the honing of technique, the repetition of rehearsals, and the quiet moments of courage before it’s time to appear on stage before a room full of adoring fans. For this Ballet Wishes® Barbie, Designer Connie Tsai brought back a braided hairstyle, but instead of ending in a bun like the 2015 doll, the 2018 doll’s hair flows out from the braids in an elegant cascade. She wears a layered pink tutu skirt and satin top with a beautiful flower detail on the upper bodice for her performance, and pointe shoes with laced-up ribbons to match. A shining tiara adds the finishing touch to this enchanting doll. You don’t have to be a ballet dancer to appreciate a gift like this one, but ballet dancers of all ages will definitely appreciate a thoughtful gift of the 2018 Ballet Wishes® Barbie® Doll to honor all that they’ve achieved, or to celebrate a recital or big performance. Get this charming Barbie® gift in our online shop today!
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  11. Dolls, BIG news. It's been quite an eventful few days. I saw some paparazzi photos on Wednesday of Ken leaving Magnolia Bakery on Bleecker Street in New York. I was so confused... he certainly has never had a sweet tooth like this doll does! This morning, I headed over to Magnolia only to be greeted the most doll-icious surprise! During his trip to NYC, Ken designed for me my very own cupcake - The Barbie Cupcake. He didn't want you dolls to be left out, so it is available at all Magnolia Bakery locations in NY and LA. Don'’t let those heels slow you down... run and get one while you can! Everyone has been saying I should consider getting back together with him... I think for now we are just good friends though. Right? Let me know what you think! Stay sweet, B.
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    Wrapping Up Barbie Doll’s Birthday!

    Join Hot Off the Barbie Press at the end of Barbie doll’s birthday month! Here’s one last wrap-up of Barbie birthday coverage, with pictures and details about Barbie doll through the years. Barbie and the Iconic Doll Through the Years ABCNews.com, 3/1/13 From the red carpet to the runway, Barbie receives an upgrade into the digital age with a touchscreen dress. The dress uses the latest LED technology and the animated designs are customizable. This Week in L.A. History: Barbie Is Born Rachel Aragon, Los Angeles Magazine, 3/4/13 “Since her conception, Barbie has enjoyed a lifetime of careers, luxury cars, vacation homes—and of course—designer clothes…”
  13. We recently launched Parts 1 and 2 of our three-part audio series with Jef Beck, creator of manbehindthedoll.com. In case you didn't get enough doll dish on what it takes to be Ken, The Ultimate Boyfriend, click here to listen in now!
  14. #TheDollEvolves. Time Magazine takes you behind the scenes of today’s groundbreaking Barbie® announcement – a historic moment two years in the making – in this edition of Hot Off the Barbie Press! Watch: Barbie’s Designers Take Us Inside the Mattel Design Studio Julia Lull and Cubie King, Time.com, 1/28/16 “The most popular doll in history has three new bodies: tall, petite and curvy versions will now be sold alongside the original model…” You can also watch the behind the scenes video embedded below!
  15. Cruises and Digital Makeover Mirrors are the fresh topics in this installment of Hot Off the Barbie Press. See who’s talking about Barbie now! Royal Caribbean Promotes Barbie Experience with New Video Theresa Norton Masek, TravelPulse.com, 3/26/13 “Think the world’s most popular doll will attract families to cruising? Royal Caribbean International does. Its onboard experiences with Mattel’s Barbie, available fleetwide as of this month, is promoted in a new two-minute video…” Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror Is Makeup Play Without the Mess Dierdre Haggerty, Examiner.com, 4/3/13 “Introduced at the 110th American International Toy Fair in New York back in February,” the article begins, “Mattel has once again found a way to entice little hands into the world of beauty combining innovative technology with the classic Barbie name.”
  16. Barbie: We’ve already had quite a year together! From the runway at New York Fashion Week to my Malibu Dream House birthday party to our recent work together on the gorgeous Barbie Doll® As Heidi Klum – it’s been a doll-lightful time. Tell me, what’s been your favorite Barbie experience so far? Heidi: It has been an absolutely amazing experience to have a Barbie® doll designed in my image. Talk about a real dream come true! My favorite part of the experience so far would have to be the process of actually designing the doll. It was really cool to go to Mattel and see all of the steps involved in creating a Barbie — the hair, the hand painted makeup… Barbie: Barbie Doll® As Heidi Klum is part of my Blonde Ambition™ Collection that celebrates iconic blondes in fashion and entertainment and includes other notable blondes like Marilyn Monroe and Goldie Hawn. How do you define “blonde ambition?” Heidi: Marilyn Monroe & Goldie Hawn are not only style icons but also such strong and powerful women. I am truly honored to be included in the Blonde Ambition Collection with such ladies. Barbie: You were closely involved in the making of your doll. What was your favorite part of the design process? What was the most challenging? Heidi: I knew I wanted her to have long 'real' eyelashes and I also thought it would be such a cute surprise to have each doll wearing a painted bra & panty set. Most importantly, I kept my daughter Leni in mind while designing. I wanted her to not only be proud of the way her mama was represented, but also to include a few of her favorite things: the color pink and beautiful long hair. I ended up wearing a dress inspired by the doll’s mini dress to a Victoria's Secret red carpet event. I have to say, the finished doll is even better than I had hoped for! I am so proud my doll is one of Leni's favorites in her large Barbie collection. The most challenging part would have to be choosing only one look to be represented! I wish I could have designed 10 dolls, all with different outfits and hairstyles. The process is just so much fun, I felt like a kid in a candy shop! Barbie: What was your one must-have fashion piece or accessory for Barbie® doll® as Heidi Klum? Heidi: My big yellow canary diamond ring. It is my engagement ring and I never take it off so my doll had to be wearing it as well. I love it and I know my Barbie does, too! Barbie: Since we’ve worked together this year, you’ve started a Barbie collection. What are some of your favorite Barbie dolls? Heidi: I would have to say the dolls designed by Bob Mackie. I’m inspired and humbled by his enormous talent. He doesn't just design — he creates magic! The designs and the details are like exquisite works of art. I love the drama and fantasy he creates, like the Cher dolls as well as the Le Papilllon doll and Lady Liberty. My favorite Barbie in my personal collection is the Bob Mackie Empress Bride, which is just spectacular. Barbie: I’ve talked to girls of all ages about their love of Barbie® Collector dolls. What do you think makes Barbie collecting so special to so many girls and women around the world? Heidi: I think it is a passion that starts as a kid and just never fades. She has a dream house, an amazing wardrobe, and has accomplished everything from being a teacher to an astronaut to a doctor to a glamorous showgirl to a rock star! Since getting my first Barbie as a child, I have spent countless hours making up stories while I played. I think that sense of inspiration and creativity always stays with a true Barbie fan. Barbie: How do you think Barbie collecting can grow and strengthen bonds between girlfriends of any age? Heidi: I love watching my daughter and her friends play with their dolls. They create such elaborate stories and it reminds me of playing with my friends and our Barbie dolls when we were the same age. There are over 30 years between us yet the same blond haired, blue eyed doll brings us both so much enjoyment. I love that Leni is such a fan and we can now build a collection together. I am sure she will grow up with the same great memories of Barbie that I have. Barbie: I believe you’re never too young to be inspired and never too old to play. Which dolls in your collection inspire your imagination? Heidi: Again, the Bob Mackie dolls are like fairytales that have come to life. He created a doll that has a unicorn dress and another who seems to be wearing the moon. They are just so unbelievably creative and inspiring! Barbie: Finally, we’d love to know your fave fashion picks of the following: Shoe style: Boots or shiny stilettos? Heidi: Shiny stilettoes. Barbie: Favorite fragrance: Sweet and floral or light and clean? Heidi: Strong and floral. Barbie: Always in the suitcase: L.B.D. or broken-in jeans? Heidi: Broken-in jeans. Barbie: Must-have accessory: Cool pair of shades or bangles, bracelets and baubles? Heidi: Jewels. Barbie: 10-second beauty fix: A dash of mascara or the perfect lip gloss? Heidi: Mascara.
  17. Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld brings his incredible talent to designing for Barbie® doll, and even though it’s only a sketch that’s been seen so far, the reaction has been amazing! See for yourself in this edition of Hot Off the Barbie™ Press. Mattel Launching Limited-Edition Barbie Lagerfeld Doll Miles Socha, Womens Wear Daily, 7/17/14 “Karl Lagerfeld’s latest collaboration involves what must be the world’s smallest pair of fingerless gloves. They’re to fit the dainty hands of Barbie Lagerfeld, a limited-edition doll being launched this fall by American toy giant Mattel Inc. and the iconic, Paris-based designer…” Stop Everything. There's a Karl Lagerfeld Barbie, and It's Every Bit as Awesome as You'd Expect Leah Melby, Glamour, 7/17/14 “This might sound crazy, but you're about to want a Barbie doll so badly. For the latest addition to its chic, fashion-forward dolls, Mattel is releasing Barbie Lagerfeld this fall. And she's so major…” Chanel's Karl Lagerfeld designs high-fashion look for Barbie NY Daily News, 7/17/14 “Ahead of the fall season, Mattel has invited couturier and Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld to design a look for its iconic fashion doll. The result will be a collector's edition Barbie with all the hallmarks of Lagerfeld's distinctive style…”
  18. Ready for a night to remember? Barbie® doll is, and it all begins with a stunning gown, timeless details, and perfectly-paired accessories. Catch Barbie® Midnight Glamour™ Doll now, before she goes out on the town! Designed by Robert Best, Barbie® Midnight Glamour™ Doll is the second doll in the 2018 Barbie® Fashion Model Collection. The series began with Barbie® Elegant Rose Cocktail Dress Doll, a fun and flirty entry fit for a variety of formal and semi-formal occasions. For Robert’s follow-up, he went fully formal, creating an evening gown that evokes the unmatched elegance of classic couture and adds a contemporary twist to the design. The fashion is also created for the posable Silkstone® doll body, for endless posing possibilities. Her sophisticated gown features floor-length flounces of navy blue chiffon atop a full tulle petticoat, while shimmering silver sequined stars illuminate the luxurious fabric. A silver and rhinestone matching necklace highlights her strawberry blonde hair, which is pulled back in a graceful low bun. Long navy evening gloves finish the endlessly stylish look. Barbie® Signature Platinum Status members can add her to their collections starting today! She’ll be available to Gold Status members 7/25, and non-members can get her beginning on 7/27. Not a member of Barbie® Signature? See what you’re missing in the club, and sign up now! Then be sure to add Barbie® Midnight Glamour™ Doll to your Barbie® Fashion Model Collection right away!
  19. Designing Barbie® fashions, a Barbie-themed stateroom, pink carpet fashion show, and so much more! Watch this video to see inside the Barbie™ Premium Experience only on Royal Caribbean International.
  20. 2013 was a fabulous year for The Barbie Look™ Collection! These fashion trendsetters filled out Barbie® doll’s wardrobe with chic contemporary styles, modern updates to fashion classics, and fun accessories for playing and displaying. In 2014, the vision of Principal Designer Bill Greening moves in a glamorous direction, with four new dolls and fashions to rock any red-carpet affair! From award shows to gala parties and star-studded events, these Barbie® dolls not only bring the glam, they burn it up! First up for the photographers is Gold Gown, a sleek and form-fitting dress with a daring slit rising above the knee. Waves of gorgeous curls accentuate the Goddess facial sculpt, and she accessorizes her gown with scalloped teardrop earrings, a golden cuff bracelet and strappy heels! Party-perfect attire comes naturally to Barbie, and Green Dress is no exception. Beautifully feminine, the one-shoulder dress flows with a ruffled wave-like accent and an understated, almost translucent paisley pattern. Her golden accessories are simply chic, perfect complements to a lovely look. Sometimes the best way to rock a gala event is to go in a completely different fashion direction! Blue Jumpsuit is all drama, from her sharp-cut platinum blonde hair to her strap-tastic black heels. Retro-silvery cone-shaped earrings and the wide back belt with a crystal-studded buckle make this outfit even more eye-catching. And for a doll who loves her pink, there’s a gown for any red carpet occasion! Pink Gown is a strapless mermaid cut with striking flares at the bust and waist. Cutout teardrop earrings, faux-leather patterned clutch, and an intricate bangle bracelet complete the captivating outfit. Which is your favorite from the new line in The Barbie Look™ Collection? Let us know in the comments, and click over to the online shop to bring the red carpet glam home!
  21. Did you see the listing on Trulia? “Creatively scaled 8,500 sq. ft., 3-story, 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom mansion in Malibu, with a truly unobstructed view of the ocean – after all, it only has three walls!” It’s the Barbie Dreamhouse, and Barbie has put it on the market for just $25 million. You read it right, Barbie has decided it’s time for a change. She’s selling her iconic Malibu home and starting the process of packing up the house she’s owned for 41 years. The Dreamhouse has gone through major renovations during those four decades, always reflecting the home design of the times.(See the Dreamhouse Through the Years.) Now, with the help of realtor Josh Altman, Barbie will sell the pink palace. Altman, known internationally for his work with high-end properties, is a highly respected and widely recognized real estate agent. He specializes in working with celebrities and entertainers, and calls this a “dream listing.” While Altman works to secure a buyer, Barbie plans to embark on a world tour and enlist the aid of Los Angeles-based textile designer and design influencer Lulu Dekwiatkowski, New York/Palm Beach based designer Celerie Kemble, and West Coast fashion and home product designer Trina Turk to provide her with advice and inspiration for finding her new Dreamhouse. Meanwhile, inspired by the hit video series Barbie™ Life in the Dreamhouse, Barbie fans of all ages can immerse themselves in the interactive “Barbie™ The Dreamhouse Experience.” Exploring the fab life from floor-to-floor via the famous pink elevator - including Barbie doll’s endless closet! - the exhibit debuts on two continents: North America (Sunrise, Florida) and Europe (Berlin, Germany).. Stay tuned to Barbie Collector for more news about Barbie doll’s historic Dreamhouse sale, and see what happens at Facebook.com/Barbie!
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    The Barbie Collector Mad Men Joan Holloway doll was featured in the current issue of People magazine in the ‘Beauty Watch’ section alongside a Q&A with actress Christina Hendricks. The Q&A is ‘fill in the blank’ style with Christina saying that having her own Barbie is... “Crazy! It’s every little girl’s dream.”
  23. If you’ve followed Barbie® Signature for any length of time, you’re familiar with designers like Robert Best, Bill Greening, Linda Kyaw, and Carlyle Nuera. But they’re not the only talented people designing Barbie® dolls for adult collectors! You may not be as familiar with Amy Lee, Lauri Sipos, Connie Tsai, Kelley Lindberg and Caroline DeMersseman, so we thought you’d like to get to know them a little better! We posed ten questions to them about their background, their fashion sensibilities, things they love about Barbie® dolls old and new, and much more. Enjoy! Amy Lee How long have you been working at Mattel? Twelve years. What are some of your recent Barbie® doll projects? Mermaid Enchantress™ Doll, most of the Dreamtopia dolls/playsets including Royal Ball Princess™, Sparkle Lights Mermaid, and Brush ‘n Sparkle Unicorn. Where did you go for education/training in fashion design? Otis College of Art and Design/ BA -Fashion Design. Who are some of your favorite real-world fashion designers? Karl Lagerfeld, Oscar de la Renta, Jeremy Scott. What was your favorite Barbie® doll growing up? Twirly Curl Barbie. How would you describe your design sensibility in three words? Fun, colorful, glittery. Favorite Barbie® hair color: Blonde, brunette, or redhead? All – and fantasy colors. What’s your favorite Barbie® accessory to create? Princess tiaras. What doll designs of yours are you the most proud of? OOAK Katy Perry doll, Mermaid Enchantress™, Computer Engineer Barbie®. If you could share one message with Barbie® doll collectors, what would it be? Enjoy every moment. Lauri Sipos How long have you been working at Mattel? I’ve been at Mattel now for over 16 years. What are some of your recent Barbie® doll projects? I work on several at a time, including a line of dolls for Walmart to be released in 2019. I worked on the Faraway Forest™ Collection, and graphics for Barbie® Dreamhouse™ and Townhouse. Where did you go for education/training in fashion design? I grew up as a painter/daughter of an artist. I graduated from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena with a degree in illustration. Who are some of your favorite real-world fashion designers? As a designer, YSL, Alexander McQueen, Dries Van Noten. But as a mom, Levi's is my go-to, haha. What was your favorite Barbie® doll growing up? Superstar Barbie™ was my favorite. I saw the commercial with Barbie® stroking her long hair back, wearing a diamond ring and necklace. I thought it was so glamorous. I loved it! I got her for my birthday one year. I’ll never forget dressing and playing with that doll. Wrapping the stole, buckling the shoes … so fun! How would you describe your design sensibility in three words? Sweet, realistic, fun. Favorite Barbie® hair color: Blonde, brunette, or redhead? I actually like it when a Barbie® doll’s hair is black. It’s so dramatic and shiny. What’s your favorite Barbie® accessory to create? I like to design shoes. I love the challenge of making them look very real for tiny feet. I also enjoy working on difficult things that might have to snap together or have a function, like armor or furniture. What doll design of yours are you the most proud of? I’ll always be proud of the challenging designs. For instance, the hair accessories for the Byron Lars dolls. We get these beautiful fashion sketches from real-life fashion designers, and they have a vision and it’s our job to make it into a beautiful doll. I had to figure out how to have Barbie® doll’s hairstyle as an actual beautiful bird cage with a bird on a swing, and make it feasible for production as well as withstand our packaging tests. And another Byron Lars doll had a hairstyle like a dreamcatcher. Those were pretty cool. If you could share one message with Barbie® doll collectors, what would it be? In a landscape where wholesome goodness and beauty can be hard to find, Barbie® will never let you down. I love working for her! I hope folks can see that in our designs. Connie Tsai How long have you been working at Mattel? A little over 18 years. What are some of your recent Barbie® doll projects? I designed the 2018 Ballet Wishes® Barbie® Doll, the new athletic body and armor/accessories interpretation for the Wonder Woman™ and Justice League™ dolls, and the accessories and textile art for the Barbie® Hello Kitty® Doll. Where did you go for education/training in fashion design? My training is in Illustration at Art Center College of Design, Pasadena. Who are some of your favorite real-world fashion designers? Marc Jacobs, Diane Von Furstenberg. What was your favorite Barbie® doll growing up? Sunsational Malibu P.J.™ Doll. She wore a cute green swimsuit with beaded ponytails and mirrored sunglasses. I loved the Steffie face mold with the purple eyes. How would you describe your design sensibility in three words? Fun, quirky, detail-focused. Favorite Barbie® hair color: Blonde, brunette, or redhead? Vintage Lemon Blonde. What’s your favorite Barbie® accessory to create? I love to design her jewelry – I’ve been designing and constructing jewelry as a hobby even before I started my career at Mattel. What doll design of yours are you the most proud of? It’s hard to pinpoint one favorite, as I’ve designed so many things over the last 18+ years, but I’d say I’m most proud of designing the jewelry for the Barbie® Fashion Model Collection dolls, which I’ve been doing since 2003. If you could share one message with Barbie doll collectors, what would it be? It is such a joy to be able to create for the wonderful, diverse group of people who make up the Barbie® collecting community. Caroline DeMersseman How long have you been working at Mattel? I was hired full time in 1996. I also temped a bit in 1994 and 1995. What are some of your recent Barbie® doll projects? I’ve been managing the teams that design Career dolls and Dreamtopia Dolls; before that I worked on Fashionistas®. Most recently I’ve returned to designing full time with the Barbie® 60th Celebration Doll in the white gown and plenty more in the works. Where did you go for education/training in fashion design? Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles. After school I worked for Guess Inc. as a menswear designer before coming to work for Mattel. Who are some of your favorite real-world fashion designers? Alexander McQueen, Valentino, Chanel, Ellie Saab. What was your favorite Barbie® doll growing up? Malibu Barbie®. How would you describe your design sensibility in three words? Classic with edge. Favorite Barbie® hair color: Blonde, brunette, or redhead? Blonde. What’s your favorite Barbie® accessory to create? Shoes! What doll design of yours are you the most proud of? I’m proud to have been part of the team that created the new diverse bodies and additional skin tones for Barbie®. If you could share one message with Barbie® doll collectors, what would it be? Thank you for your passion! Kelley Lindberg How long have you been working at Mattel? Close to five and a half years. What are some of your recent Barbie® doll projects? Graduation Day Barbie® Doll, Ibtihaj Muhammad Doll. Where did you go for education/training in fashion design? FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising) in downtown Los Angeles. Who are some of your favorite real-world fashion designers? Marc Jacobs, Balmain, Isabel Marant, Saint Laurent. What was your favorite Barbie® doll growing up? Crystal Barbie™ Doll, I thought the fabric of her dress was the coolest and still do! How would you describe your design sensibility in three words? Graphic, fun, and with a little edge. Favorite Barbie® hair color: Blonde, brunette, or redhead? Brunette, I’m biased. What’s your favorite Barbie® accessory to create? Sunglasses. What doll design of yours are you the most proud of? Ibtihaj Muhammad Doll. If you could share one message with Barbie® doll collectors, what would it be? Have fun and think young. Stay true to who you are.
  24. There are Barbie Collector dolls, and then there are Direct Exclusives – the dolls sold only through the Barbie Collector catalog and the online shop in the United States and Canada. These dolls – like Goddess of the Galaxy™ Barbie® Doll and Bob Mackie Countess Dracula Barbie® Doll from 2011 – are the ultimate in radical glam! This year, Direct Exclusives continue to push the bounds of fashion, and now they’re redefining the way you display and travel with your dolls! The doll box has been re-designed for 2012 and beyond, and it’s all kinds of fabulous. Anyone who brought home a globe-trotting beauty from the 2012 Dolls of the World® Collection got a preview of the new packaging, which provides a beautiful and consistent line look for Direct Exclusive dolls, and will only be used for Direct Exclusive dolls in the future. “We wanted to create an elegant and refined aesthetic, and feature the doll more prominently within the packaging,” notes Katie Phillips (aka “BC Katie” to members of the BarbieSM Fan Club). Not only does the new packaging double as a carrying case for the doll within, it also allows collectors to neatly store souvenirs within the packaging. For traveling to events like the annual National Barbie® Doll Collectors Convention, the new packaging makes transport and display a fashionable breeze. Next up in the Direct Exclusives line to feature the fresh new doll box look: Linda Kyaw’s fantastic The Mermaid Barbie®, and the first Club-exclusive doll for the 2012 BFC™, Robert Best’s Barbie Fashion Model Collection® Afternoon Suit Barbie®. Be on the lookout for even more in the coming months, as the hottest dolls of the year rock the new doll box!
  25. Credit card fraud, identity theft, viruses… Everyone has plenty of concerns when it comes to web security these days. In order to create a more secure user experience, we’ve implemented an additional safety feature in the Barbie Collector Shop. When you make purchases in the Barbie Collector Shop using your credit card -- as with most other stores on the web -- you will now be required to include the three- or four-digit security code found on the back of your card. This measure helps us increase our level of security for your protection. Unlike the credit card number itself, the security code cannot be saved in your account file. You will need to enter it each time you make a purchase. Now you’re in the know and ready to go the next time you shop online at BarbieCollector.com. Happy shopping!
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