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Water Sprite Barbie® Doll: An Aquatic Enchantress!

Water Sprite Barbie® Doll is the spectacular fourth entry in designer Bill Greening’s epic collection, set in the enchanted world of the Faraway Forest™. 

“When I design for this collection, I feel like I’m designing characters for a movie,” Greening says. “From head to toe, each doll has to tell a story as soon as you see her. It’s fun to imagine her persona, what her world looks like, and of course, her ultimate fashion look.”

After dazzling collectors with Faraway Forest™ Elf Barbie® Doll, Lady of the White Woods™ Barbie® Doll, and Queen of the Dark Forest™ Barbie® Doll, Greening decided to explore another element of this mythical realm. “Since the doll was following Queen of the Dark Forest, I wanted to do something light and pretty for contrast. The idea of going underwater seemed new and different for this collection.”

Greening dove into the challenge and created a unique look for his aquatic character, including a luminous, light-blue skin tone. “I think this is the first blue collector Barbie ever! Her colors are so pretty and iridescent, like an abalone shell. I also love her long hair in varying shades of blue and teal.”

To complement her complexion and cascading locks, Water Sprite Barbie® Doll wears a mermaid-inspired gown, featuring glimmering accents woven into the bodice and skirt ruffles. Waves of draped chiffon connect to ornate bracelets that match her exquisite bodice detailing.

“I think the fashion is really amazing,” Greening says. “The ‘fishtail’ skirt has this reflective fabric almost like fish scales. The flounce underneath looks like a jellyfish. The sculpted details have a crustacean or barnacle texture, as if she’s been under the water for some time. And her shoes have fins. I mean, that’s pretty awesome, right?”

Water Sprite Barbie® Doll doesn’t only shimmer with ethereal beauty. She also conveys formidable strength and power, as she wields a majestic trident. She’s poised to protect the creatures and treasures of her legendary home, a mystical lake called Magical Lagoon™.

Water Sprite Barbie® and the rest of the Faraway Forest™ characters create a sweeping fantasy adventure worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster. And the rave reviews are already pouring in. “I’m glad the response has been positive based on the sneak previews!” Greening says.

You too can experience all the magic, mystery, and cinematic splendor of the Faraway Forest™ Collection — with just a few clicks at your favorite online store.

Click here to download the March 2016 calendars.

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