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Top 10 Halloween Barbie® Queens!

By Chris Varaste

The Season of the Witch is here — a perfect time to review the most bewitching original Barbie® doll costumes with an emphasis on chills and thrills!

Fright night begins with the mysterious Venetian Muse™ Barbie. An opulent mask covers her face, suggesting she’s a spell-casting enchantress in disguise. Following her stiletto tracks is Haunted Beauty Mistress of the Manor™ Barbie, a wicked matron who’ll lure you into her creaky manse — and never let you leave!

Lady of the White Woods™ Barbie may appear ethereal but she wears branchlike armor for a reason — unlucky is the fool who trespasses upon her domain! Keeping a watchful eye over the entire universe is flame-haired Queen of the Constellations™ Barbie. Dressed from head to toe in a bejeweled metallic gown, this beauty queen is prepared for a galactic showdown! 

The Wizard of Oz™ Wicked Witch of the East  Barbie is also armed for battle (before she gets squashed by a house). With broom in hand, she’s ready to fly, fly, fly! Floating through doorknobs, attics and your bedroom window is Haunted Beauty Ghost™ Barbie — quite a little boo peep, if ever there was one!  Our next contender, Goddess of the Galaxy™ Barbie, doesn’t fly or float, she soars through space — a scintillating minx in a silver corset! 

But beware! Some divas prefer to stalk on foot, like scarlet-cloaked, fangtastic Haunted Beauty VampireBarbie! Second-place honors go to Empress of the Aliens™ Barbie, an extraterrestrial reveling in exquisite lizard-green splendor! 

Coming in at Number One, the winner is… ladies and gentlemen, we have a tie between two lethal creatures in couture! Together, they’re a study in contrasts: One, a powerful sorceress in midnight black, is capable of manipulating stars in the sky. The other, wearing a chalk white wedding gown, is a dangerously bewitching zombie.

In a fight to the finish, who will win when Queen of the Dark Forest™ Barbie comes face to face with Haunted Beauty™ Zombie Bride™ Barbie? As they vie for first place, rest assured — the winner will take no prisoners!

Give us a shriek if there’s a Halloween Barbie Queen hiding in your collection!

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