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Three Festive Holiday Barbie® Dolls for the 2020 Season!

By Allen Voivod

Ahhh, the holidays. It's the season to be festive and merry. A time when snowflake flurries make everything sparkle. A time when the warmth of holiday cheer fills you with joy. It's never too early to start getting into the holiday spirit, and one of our favorite ways at Barbie® Signature is by celebrating the arrival of the annual Holiday Barbie® Dolls! 

This beautiful tradition started in 1988, and it's currently the longest-running active series of collectible Barbie® dolls. Different elegant gowns have arrived every year, in all sorts of festive hues and shades. The hairstyles, hair colors, and skin tones have varied across the years as well. One thing that remains the same, though, is the way Barbie® always reflects the radiant wonder of the season.

For 2020, we're happy to share three Holiday Barbie® Dolls with you: a long-haired version with blonde waves, a long-haired version with brunette waves, and a version with brunette curls. (In fact, if you get all three of them together in our Holiday Barbie® Dolls Gift Set – a "virtual bundle" – you can save 10% on the set while supplies last!)

All three dolls wear the same amazing gown, which features a glittering golden bodice with ruffled sleeves, and a tulle skirt with a shimmering snowflake-printed overlay. They accessorize their gowns with golden bow-detailed belts and – though you can't see them because of the floor-length gown – golden open-toed T-strap heels. They also complete their ensembles with stunning, sparkly-gold makeup, variations on a red lip, and beautiful chandelier earrings.

Each doll comes in specially designed, festively themed packaging, perfect for holiday displays. Of course, if you want to take them out of the box, you'll also find that they each come with a doll stand and Certificate of Authenticity. The 2020 Holiday® Barbie Doll is designed to lift your heart and inspire you to embrace the wonders around you! She's a perfect gift for any Barbie® fan in your life, and that includes you, too.



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I wonder if there will be more new dolls for this year.

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There has never been a Talk Show Host Barbie nor a Book Author Barbie. I think those would be good ideas for future dolls.

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A few more that have never been made before: Jeweler Barbie, Botanist Barbie, Landscaper Barbie, and Electrician Barbie.

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Looks like the 2020 Holiday Barbies are all sold out now everywhere except the Blonde one...interesting.... glad I got them all!! What a year!

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