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The Barbie Look®: Three Instagram-Inspired Dolls You’ll Want to Follow!

Always on the cutting edge of trends, Barbie® dominates the digital age with her glamorous globetrotting adventures via @BarbieStyle on Instagram. Her popular page on the photo-sharing app brings high fashion to a high-tech world — and now inspires three gorgeous dolls in The Barbie Look® collection!

For designer Bill Greening, the new dolls offer an exciting opportunity to push the collection forward with modern touches. “This is an evolution of The Barbie Look, tying into the @BarbieStyle Instagram style, which is very clean and chic. When you look at her page, Barbie is featured in various settings and destinations. I thought of the different fashion styles Barbie could portray and the places she would wear them.”

To offer variety, Greening adopted a unique theme for each doll. “We have an edgy street look, a sweet feminine look, and a glam evening look.”

Taking that street look to a cosmopolitan level, Urban Jungle Barbie® Doll sports a bold printed skirt, black bodysuit, and faux leather jacket. She’s ready to step out in style with buckled black boots, a matching clutch, and sunglasses.

Sweet Tea Barbie® Doll radiates simple elegance in a flouncy floral skirt with a pink ruffled top and wears the cutest expression on her face — a detail Greening is particularly fond of. “The face on the Sweet Tea doll is a favorite,” he says. “It’s only been used on a few higher-priced collector dolls.”

Dressed to hit the hottest clubs and parties, Night Out Barbie® Doll sparkles in a sleeveless blue-sequin dress, accessorized with a silvery clutch and dazzling drop earrings.

“I think these are fashions you could see on a Paris runway or the streets of New York,” Greening says. “The Barbie Look dolls are playful, glamorous reflections of fashion trends and silhouettes.”

In addition to different silhouettes, sculpts, and skin tones, the new dolls feature articulation. “It’s a great way to pose and display your Barbie dolls,” Greening says, “especially for those who like to de-box and photograph their dolls.” Adorable accessories also add to the fun. “I especially love the teacup and pastry set, not to mention the little makeup accessories. It really tells a complete story in a package, much like a photo on @BarbieStyle Instagram.”

Want to join Barbie for more fashionable, photo-worthy adventures? Check out The Barbie Look dolls at our online store and follow her via @BarbieStyle.

Click here to download the 2015 December calendar.


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