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Rock On: Barbie® Doll Music Festival!

Barbie® Doll Music Festival, the new addition to #TheBarbieLook Collection, captures today’s music scene in a festival-inspired ensemble with a refreshingly creative flair!

Impressed by the trendy bohemian glamour worn at music festivals like Coachella, designer Bill Greening envisioned Barbie® doll in a similar setting.

“Music festivals now attract designers, models, and stars,” says Greening. “It’s not only about the music. It’s also about a specific look — a combination of Woodstock and Coachella, with a huge following on sites like Instagram because the styles are so unique with a fresh new vibe.”

Always thinking ahead, the inventive designer took his vision to a new level. The result? A cool and carefree summer stunner — Barbie® Doll Music Festival! “Since festival fashion is always trending on photo-sharing apps, I thought it was a great fit for Barbie®.” 

Barbie® doll epitomizes the festival look in an eclectic outfit with retro appeal. Her breezy paisley-print maxi-dress features a halter top and ties at the waist with a gleaming golden belt. For extra panache, she coordinates the look with a stylish fringe shoulder bag, wedge heel sandals, sculpted feather necklace and a wraparound bracelet.

“Along with the fashion, each miniature accessory is detailed for close-up digital photography,” says Greening, referring to a very realistic-looking retro-style camera, festival map and, of course, a water bottle to keep our favorite fashion model hydrated.

“Music festivals are fun and people are always smiling and dancing, so we decided on the lovely Aphrodite face sculpt. Barbie® doll’s articulated body is also a great choice for striking a variety of dance poses!” Greening adds.

To enhance her youthful glow, Greening used a lighter palette for Barbie® doll’s face paint. Her lips are a soft pink, and a stroke of eyeliner highlights her hazel eyes. Barbie® wears a decorative floral headband over her long strawberry blonde hair parted in the middle — always a popular hairstyle at outdoor concerts.

Cameras ready! Barbie® doll has a reputation as a trendsetting head turner, and the arrival of Barbie® Doll Music Festival is an eagerly awaited showstopper!

Post a selfie with Barbie® Doll Music Festival — she’s all yours at our online shop!

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