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PUMA Barbie® Dolls Celebrate the Suede Sneaker's 50th Anniversary!


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Barbie® doll and PUMA unite to pay homage to the 50th anniversary of the classic Suede sneaker! From the courts to the curbs, it’s been worn by icons of every generation, and now one of the biggest icons wears them, too: Introducing the PUMA Barbie® Dolls!

Go inside the Mattel Design Center with Barbie® Signature Senior Designer Carlyle Nuera to learn more about the creative influences that inspired this collaboration!


The Suede hit the scene in 1968 and has been changing the game ever since. Clothing styles have changed across the decades, and fashion fads have come and gone and come back again, but the Suede sneaker has outlasted them all. The PUMA Barbie® Dolls have been specially created to celebrate the undeniable cool factor of the PUMA Suede and its 50 years of constant cultural relevance.

Both PUMA Barbie® Dolls rock their very own Suede sneakers and wear '90s-inspired athleisure wear, including PUMA branded leggings, a PUMA and Barbie® branded tank top with mesh sleeves, and an oversized track jacket. Both dolls also accessorize their ensembles with aviator-style sunglasses, hoop earrings, and a PUMA logo ring.

The dolls mix it up from there, each creating their own signature look. One of the dolls rolls with a white jacket over a pink top, plus black leggings and pink Suede sneakers. She wears her pink-streaked hair styled in a high ponytail with a wrap around the base. The other goes with a pink jacket over a black top, white leggings, and black Suede sneakers. Her hair is styled in a double braid, both of which are streaked with pink as well.

Can't decide which one to get? The answer's easy – get them both! Head to the online shop right now and add them to your collection today. They both come with doll stands and Certificates of Authenticity, too – exactly what you'd expect from a pair of iconic brands known and respected for their long-standing influence!

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