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Posable Silkstone Dolls! An Interview With Robert Best

By Allen Voivod

It’s been one of the most popular requests from collectors of Barbie® Fashion Model Collection dolls, and it’s finally come true. The Silkstone® dolls that wear haute couture for The Barbie™ Collection are now posable! We interviewed Design Director Robert Best To learn more about this exciting change, and what it means for the future of the collection.

How do you feel about the poseability change?

I honestly couldn’t be more excited about the new posable Silkstone dolls!

What drove the decision to make the BFMC dolls posable?

I have always wanted to evolve this collection and add the appropriate innovation when it felt right. I certainly did not want to compromise the quality as well as the look of the collection with needless bells and whistles, but in this case I think the team nailed it.

Collectors have also been asking for posable Silkstone since the very beginning, so I’m sure many collectors will be excited about the innovation!

Will all BFMC dolls from now on be posable?


What parts of the BFMC dolls will be posable?

The new dolls have articulation at the knees, elbows, wrists and torso.

What does it take to make the Silkstone dolls posable?

A lot of hard work! I worked very closely with our brilliant internal sculptor Sean Olmos, and the two of us in turn worked closely with our development partners. There was a lot of communication and back and forth to make sure everything is perfect!

How has the shift to poseability affected your design process?

It hasn’t really changed my design process. I still design the way I always have. It does open up really exciting new ways in which the doll is able to showcase the fashions and clothes.

The possibilities for photographing the doll also have expanded, and I’m thrilled at what we will be able to do with the photo team when we shoot the entire line.

Did the change affect your thinking for the overall theme of the 2016 BFMC?

I definitely see the change as positive progress. To that end, I like to think of this line as evolving just like Barbie doll has evolved through the years. It was definitely time to shake things up and give some to new excitement to this collection, so I am super pleased with the results.

This thinking is why I’m calling the latest collection “The New Classics,” because while the collection is firmly rooted in classic design, there are new touches throughout. Obviously the biggest innovation is the poseability, but everything from the hair and face to the attitude has a distinctly modern, fresh approach.

How are the choices of fabrics and shoes affected by this change?

The fabric and shoe choices are not really affected by this change. There are new shoes across the new collection, but that’s only because everyone loves new shoes! All of the old shoes and clothes will fit the newer dolls and vice-versa, so it’s really about expanding the Silkstone world and giving more options.

What do you think about the new poseability of the BFMC dolls? Share your thoughts here!

Elements of this interview first appeared in the 2015 Holiday Gift Guide Catalog from The Barbie Collection. Get your free Barbie catalog here!

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