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  1. Happy Valentine's Day, dolls! In the past few weeks, it seemed as if Ken was popping up everywhere! First, he   at me on Match.com. Then he secretly jetted off to the original Magnolia Bakery in New York and was spotted designing a custom cupcake for me! He even declared his love for me on billb… Read More

  2. No Valentine’s Day date this year? Don’t worry! Ken®, the ultimate boyfriend for every occasion can be YOUR Valentine! If you’re in Los Angeles, stop by The Grove between 10 a.m. – 9 p.m. on February 14. There, you can pose for photos with four real-life Ken models in life sized doll boxes, dressed… Read More

  3. Calling all New Yorkers! Ken’s taking a bite out of the Big Apple this Valentine’s Day and YOU could be his Valentine! Top menswear designers have created six dream date looks for Ken which will be on display at Christie’s during New York Fashion Week (February 13 – February 21). Each date look wil… Read More

  4. Explore the drama, intrigue, and high fashion fabulousness of Russia with Barbie in this behind-the-scenes video of the 2011 Barbie® Fashion Model Collection. Features exotic scenery, gorgeous photography, and this year's bevy of Russian beauties and a brute! Read More

  5. Previously, we shared the bevy of Russian beauties created by Robert Best for the Barbie® Fashion Model Collection in 2011. Each doll has her own unique style and personality. And if you’re a fan, you most likely added all 3 dolls to your wish list. As promised, there’s MORE from this high fash… Read More

  6. Calling all Barbie Fan Club members! Recently, we caught up with BFC member Jim Taylor, a.k.a. urrgghh on the Barbie Bulletin Board. He gave us a behind-the-scenes look at his amazing collection. If you love Barbie (and Ken!) as much as we do, keep reading... BFC: What was your first Barbie doll? … Read More

  7. On March 11, 2011, Ken® celebrates his 50th anniversary as Barbie’s original boyfriend. In honor of the big day, Barbie® is a dazzling party hostess! Wrapped up in an eye-catching ensemble that pays tribute to Ken’s signature style, she wears a cyan blue dress with plaid bodice (reminiscent of … Read More

  8. Announcing B's New Blog!

    By Guest, in News,

    Dolls, I've had so much fun blogging here but don't you think it's time for a change? I do! I am so excited to announce the launch of my new blog! Check it out here: http://barbie.tumblr.com/ Going forward I will be sharing my a-mazing adventures there – including exciting career news, the lates… Read More

  9. Ever wonder about the man behind your fave fashion doll? No one knows Barbie's boyfriend Ken quite like Jef Beck, creator of manbehindthedoll.com. BarbieCollector.com recently caught up with Jef and got the inside scoop on what it takes to be The Ultimate Boyfriend. Click here to listen in. … Read More

  10. The Dolls of the World® Landmark Collection celebrates internationally acclaimed landmarks from around the world as only Barbie® can – with a flair for fashion! In 2010, the collection gave us three lovely landmark beauties, Statue of Liberty Barbie® doll, Big Ben Barbie® doll, and Eiffel Tower Barb… Read More

  11. We recently launched Part 1 of our three-part audio series with Jef Beck, creator of manbehindthedoll.com. Now, we've got even more doll dish on what it takes to be Ken, The Ultimate Boyfriend. Click here to listen in now! Read More

  12. The first season of “ ” has been nothing but a-mazing! Although my Tuesdays will be a little less fab without new episodes to look forward to, I’m glad that a Genuine Ken has finally been selected! Throughout the show, eight Ken-testants competed in a series of elimination challenges to determ… Read More

  13. Celebrate Elizabeth Taylor!

    By Guest, in News,

    Fans worldwide were saddened by the passing of Elizabeth Taylor, one of Hollywood’s brightest stars. Now, fans of the icon are celebrating the life of the legendary actress in a variety of unexpected and fulfilling ways. Barbie collectors were given a special surprise back in 2000, when Elizabeth Ta… Read More

  14. We recently launched Parts 1 and 2 of our three-part audio series with Jef Beck, creator of manbehindthedoll.com. In case you didn't get enough doll dish on what it takes to be Ken, The Ultimate Boyfriend, click here to listen in now! Read More

  15. Catching Up With Ken®

    By Guest, in News,

    By Pat Henry, Editor of Fashion Doll Quarterly This is the first in a ongoing series of posts on BarbieCollector.com by “celebrity” voices in the doll collecting community! Every so often, you’ll find new articles from special guest bloggers, on topics including history, pop culture, collecting, p… Read More

  16. As the Trans-Siberian train rolls to a stop in St. Petersburg amidst steam, smoke, and a crowd of onlookers huddling together for warmth in the chilly air, one woman disembarks, setting a stiletto-heeled black boot onto the train platform. Heads turn while conversations hush. As her second heel hits… Read More

  17. Barbie's 10 Women to Watch in 2011

    By Guest, in News,

    Tonight I’ll be attending The White House Project’s 2011 EPIC Awards in New York, an evening honoring women’s leadership in the media and pop culture. Not only are the EPIC awards a fun event with fabulous dolls in attendance, but it’s also where I’m announcing my 2011 “10 Women to Watch”! While I d… Read More

  18. Stormy relationships, swashbuckling action, danger on the high seas, unexpected twists and double-crosses — it's all in a day's work for Captain Jack Sparrow! Join him and the mysterious Angelica on their search of the Fountain of Youth in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. The new movie… Read More

  19. A Kentourage for Ken

    By Guest, in News,

    By Pat Henry, Editor of Fashion Doll Quarterly As we continue to celebrate Ken’s birthday as well as his reunion with Barbie in 2011, it is fun to look back at Ken through the years and his many styles of dress. Certainly, his place as Barbie’s consort meant a lot of coordinating looks. “Dreamboat… Read More

  20. Noir Jewelry Partners with Barbie™

    By Guest, in News,

    Noir Jewelry is becoming increasingly known for their collaborations with Pop Culture Icons, and Noir’s latest muse is none other than Barbie™. After partnering up with both DC Comics and Walt Disney Signature last year, the new Barbie™ collection is sure to resonate with fashionistas of all ages. … Read More

  21. First came 2009's Splash of Silver™ Barbie® doll, sparkling in her sophistication. Then came  2010's Glimmer of Gold™ Barbie®, raising the stylish stakes. And now, for the third doll inspired by Grecian design and glamorous couture - Pinch of Platinum Barbie! It's the third in a series of dolls cr… Read More

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