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  1. The Inside Scoop with Robert Best

    By Guest, in News,

    Ever wonder about the relationship between doll and designer? Wonder no more! Click here to listen in to an intimate conversation with Robert Best. (Be sure to listen to the whole interview. We actually stumped Robert with our final juicy question!)   Read More

  2. There have been a lot of books written about Barbie®. And we've loved them all! But there's a brand-new book about Barbie that’s got our attention these days. And not just because it's written by one of our fave Barbie friends. Barbie: A Rare Beauty by Sandi Holder showcases photos of some rarely… Read More

  3. LOVE your Louboutin dolls and shoes?

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    Don't miss this behind the scenes glimpse of Christian Louboutin at his fab Barbie photo shoot! You are missing some Flash content that should appear here! Perhaps your browser cannot display it, or maybe it did not initialize correctly. Read More

  4. Recently, we shared Part 1 of our Design Dish with Carol Spencer. Ready for more? To get the inside scoop on all things Barbie with one of our all time fave designers, click here.   Read More

  5. Denim is the NEW Fashion Basic

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    Are you ready for something seriously stylish? We've seen the fashion future and like all true icons, it goes by one name: Denim. That's right, Oh Stylish Ones. While last season was all about coveting the little black dress, this season denim is the NEW Fashion Basic. So how will you rock… Read More

  6. For many loyal Barbie® Collector fans, Barbie® and Ken® are the power “It” couple—forever together. But for those of you who have followed their love story in the pop culture blogosphere, you know that this dynamic duo (still great friends) have actually been living apart for a few years now. T… Read More

  7. Dolls! Apologies for the long absence. I've missed you! I hope everyone had fun filled holiday season and a fab start to 2011. It's not like me to take such a long blog hiatus, but it has been quite a busy fall and winter.  I became a Computer Engineer and News Anchor, we launched a new BarbieCol… Read More

  8. Calling all Philly Collectors! Do you live in the City of Brotherly Love? Want to let us know what you really think about the site? BarbieCollector.com is doing usability testing for the all new Barbiecollector.com website in the Philadelphia area later this month! If you're local and vocal, we'd… Read More

  9. Will Barbie® Take Ken® Back? This just in… Ken® is pulling out all the stops to win Barbie® back by Valentine's Day. With romantic sentiments like You're the Only Doll for Me! and Barbie® I Want You Back!, Ken® is sparing no expense AND wearing his heart on his sleeve. Check out his s… Read More

  10. If you’re a true Barbie® fan, you know that designer Robert Best is famous for the gorgeous dolls he creates in the Barbie® Fashion Model Collection, his signature line. And you most likely also know that each year, Robert’s dolls embody a particular theme. From celebrated career girls to stylish ga… Read More

  11. Save this date: February 9th, 2011 at 9:00am PT. That's the start of the one week you have to guarantee your BFC™ renewal. The Club sold out in 2010, so don't miss this opportunity to lock in your 2011 membership. Just $24.95 (same as last year, plus any applicable tax) gives you exclusive acce… Read More

  12. Will Barbie® Take Ken® Back? While he’s never looked more handsome or stylish, Ken is definitely still holding a torch for Barbie®. They’ve had some amazing moments throughout the years – just check out the timeline - and lately Ken will do anything to get Barbie back. Proof positive? The Jumbot… Read More

  13. Stop right now and save this date: February 16th, 2011 at 9:00am PT. That's when you'll have your first opportunity to join the Barbie Fan Club. The Club sold out in 2010, so we added 500 hundred more membership slots for 2011. If you missed out last year, don't let it happen again! Just $24.95… Read More

  14. Make a Dream Date with Dylan's Candy

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    On Sunday, February 13, fall in love with a true sweetie — Dylan's Candy Bar! If you're in New York City, join the Ken-tastic festivities at Dylan's Candy Bar, including a fab photo opp with a life size Ken® doll, delish treats perfect for all Ken fans, and get your love fortune told BEFORE Valentin… Read More

  15. Will Barbie® Take Ken® Back? Dating a style icon can't be easy, and Ken® knows better than anyone. In his quest to win Barbie® back by Valentine's Day, Ken’s getting a head to toe style makeover from several of today's leading menswear designers. Word on the street is that six of the top m… Read More

  16. Credit card fraud, identity theft, viruses… Everyone has plenty of concerns when it comes to web security these days. In order to create a more secure user experience, we’ve implemented an additional safety feature in the Barbie Collector Shop. When you make purchases in the Barbie Collector Shop … Read More

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