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  1. Infinitely elegant with just a wink of whimsy, the latest Barbie®-inspired collaboration for adult collectors has arrived – it’s Charlotte Olympia™ Barbie® Doll! Charlotte Olympia’s founder, Charlotte Olympia Dellal, said, “This was a childhood dream come true to collaborate with Barbie!” And the … Read More

  2. The Barbie Look™ Barbie® Doll Music Festival, the new addition to #TheBarbieLook™ Collection, captures today's music scene in a festival-inspired ensemble with creative flair! Impressed by the trendy bohemian glamour worn at music festivals like Coachella, designer Bill Greening envisioned Barbie®… Read More

  3. Barbie® Doll Music Festival, the new addition to #TheBarbieLook™ Collection, captures today’s music scene in a festival-inspired ensemble with a refreshingly creative flair! Impressed by the trendy bohemian glamour worn at music festivals like Coachella, designer Bill Greening envisioned Barbie® d… Read More

  4. Classic Cocktail Dress Barbie® Doll heralds the spring season with refreshing sophistication and style. Wearing a unique take on timeless couture, she is poised to make an unforgettable impression at garden parties, receptions, and elegant cocktail-hour events! “She’s a welcome addition that conti… Read More

  5. Every globetrotting entrepreneur needs quick access to fashions with an executive flair! Bustling from airport terminals to boardroom meetings, today’s careerist depends on essential fashion staples that make great first impressions. With that in mind, the BFMC™ introduces Classic Camel Coat Barbie®… Read More

  6. Can't get enough of Wonder Woman™, Batman™, and Superman™? Check out these spectacular action photos, taken on sets constructed to look like the locations you'll see in the new blockbuster movie, BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE™!   BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE and all relate… Read More

  7. Blockbuster season begins early with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice™ debuting in March 2016! With the movie come three new dolls from The Barbie™ Collection, unlike any super hero dolls we’ve ever created. To learn more about them, we interviewed Designer Bill Greening about the two-year process… Read More

  8. Water Sprite Barbie® Doll is the spectacular fourth entry in designer Bill Greening’s epic collection, set in the enchanted world of the Faraway Forest™.  “When I design for this collection, I feel like I’m designing characters for a movie,” Greening says. “From head to toe, each doll has to tell … Read More

  9. Can’t wait to see the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice™ dolls up close and personal? We’ve got a treat for you – a special video review of all three heroes by a YouTube superstar! Jason Robert Keef – aka “Jay Squared” – has more than 20,000 subscribers on YouTube and millions of video views.… Read More

  10. Classic Black Dress Barbie® Doll brings the fine art of modeling to the 2016 Barbie® Fashion Model Collection! The beautiful Silkstone® Barbie doll is a fashion model with a twist—she has an all-new articulated body! Her ability to display fashions with the benefit of a flexible figure makes her a… Read More

  11. Not only did Oprah get an Ava DuVernay doll for Christmas, she de-boxed it and posed it with an OOAK Oprah Doll. Get the scoop in this edition of Hot Off the Barbie Press! Oprah Has an Ava DuVernay Barbie Doll and Is Appropriately Excited About It Hilary Weaver, The Cut/NYMag.com, 1/26/16 “Oprah … Read More

  12. It’s back, and it’s open first to 2015 Barbie™ Fan Club members! For one week only, you can renew your membership for the 2016 BFC™ and guarantee your insider access to the world of The Barbie™ Collection. The 2016 Club opens on Tuesday, January 12th at 9:00am PT. Lock in your renewal today! Just … Read More

  13. The 2016 Barbie™ Fan Club exclusives kick off with a sweet surprise! Soda Shop Barbie® is the first of four dolls coming this year that can only be purchased by active members of the BFC™.  The BFC, an elite Barbie collecting community, is only open to 8,000 Barbie fans each year. 2015 members hav… Read More

  14. By Allen Voivod It’s been one of the most popular requests from collectors of Barbie® Fashion Model Collection dolls, and it’s finally come true. The Silkstone® dolls that wear haute couture for The Barbie™ Collection are now posable! We interviewed Design Director Robert Best To learn more about … Read More

  15. By Allen Voivod An annual tradition has been renewed in a spectacularly glamorous creation! The Holiday Barbie™ Dolls form the longest running active series in the history of The Barbie™ Collection. To learn more about the 2015 Holiday Barbie™ Dolls, we interviewed this year’s doll designer, Linda… Read More

  16. The set design team for The Barbie Collection built a stark battleground environment for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 dolls! Watch the set come together behind Katniss, Peeta, and Gale in this amazing time-lapse, stop-motion video. You’ll get a closer look at all three dolls, too! Heroes… Read More

  17. Welcome to the giving season! The deepest and most heartfelt expressions of gratitude, surprise, and love come through in the holidays, as friends and family gather to celebrate, honoring old traditions and creating new ones, too. We hope you'll find wonderful gifts for your loved ones (and yourself… Read More

  18. “Fabulousity!” There’s no other word to describe this new video inspired by the playful Barbie® doll commercials of the ’80s and ’90s. Discover Moschino Barbie® doll’s “fabulousity” right here.   Read More

  19. Top 10 Halloween Barbie® Queens!

    By Guest, in News,

    By Chris Varaste The Season of the Witch is here — a perfect time to review the most bewitching original Barbie® doll costumes with an emphasis on chills and thrills! Fright night begins with the mysterious Venetian Muse™ Barbie. An opulent mask covers her face, suggesting she’s a spell-casting … Read More

  20. Make this season magical with the gorgeous 2015 Holiday Barbie™ Doll! Dressed in radiant red and accessorized with sparkling jewelry, she captures all the glittery glamour of the holidays — and makes a glorious keepsake you’ll cherish for years! The perfect gift for any Barbie® fan, the 2015 Holid… Read More

  21. The holidays may still be several weeks away, yet you can already feel a bit of their magic in the air. They’re the best and most treasured moments of life—some steeped in tradition, others remarkable in their ability to surprise. In this issue, you’ll find examples of both the steadfast and the une… Read More

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