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  1. In 2016, U.S. Gymnast Laurie Hernandez captivated girls around the world with her energetic performances. Since then, she's also become an author, an entrepreneur, and a Barbie® Shero! To celebrate the youngest member of the Final Five gymnastics team, we're thrilled to introduce the Laurie Hernan… Read More

  2. Marni Senofonte is one of the most sought-after stylists, whose work spans from editorial spreads to live appearances, music, and film. Now, she's bringing her unique creative expression to design for the ultimate global fashion icon – Barbie®! The Barbie® Styled by Marni Dolls feature fresh, tren… Read More

  3. Have you dreamed of having some of Barbie® doll’s iconic looks in your own closet? Now you can! Barbie® partnered with Burbank-based retro fashion retailer Unique Vintage to bring to life classic Barbie® styles for real life fans. The Barbie x Unique Vintage collaboration includes a thirteen-piece… Read More

  4. It’s a very special time of year – when graduates of all ages gather for commencement ceremonies! From pre-K to pre-med, honor the occasion and your favorite high achiever with a special gift: Barbie® Graduation Day Doll! Designed by Kelley Lindberg, Barbie® Graduation Day Doll is the first keepsa… Read More

  5. To celebrate the final festive dolls in the Faraway Forest® Collection, we’re thrilled to share something wonderful with you! Barbie® Signature Project Copywriter Eleanor Oliver has been writing the packaging copy for these fantastic fantasy dolls, but she’s also written something more: a secret h… Read More

  6. Meet Lara Croft, inspiration for the Tomb Raider Barbie® Doll! Based on the main character from the upcoming movie, she’s the fiercely independent daughter of an eccentric adventurer who vanished mysteriously… Armed with only her sharp mind, blind faith, and stubborn spirit, Lara ventures into the… Read More

  7. Mrs. Which, Mrs. Who, and Mrs. Whatsit are key characters in Disney’s A Wrinkle in Time, a movie filled with adventure and magic! In connection with the movie’s debut, we’re proud to introduce you to these powerful women warriors. Mrs. Whatsit is the most youthful and free-spirited warrior, who ca… Read More

  8. Ballet Wishes® Barbie Doll returns to the spotlight for another captivating performance! The fifth doll in this special occasion series arrives in the online shop this month in a costume fit for a prima ballerina. Created to celebrate all ballet dancers, Ballet Wishes® Barbie® Doll honors the hard… Read More

  9. Springtime is just around the corner, and that means Graduation Day is coming for students around the world! Celebrate and commemorate this impressive achievement with a Barbie® Graduation Day Doll, the latest in our series of special occasion dolls in keepsake packaging. This is the perfect gift to… Read More

  10. A baby on the way! There are few occasions as joyful as this one, and Barbie® is ready to celebrate with the friends and family of the wonderful mother to be. The new Welcome Baby Barbie® Doll is a perfect way to mark this exciting new chapter in an expectant mother’s life. Welcome Baby Barbie® Do… Read More

  11. She’s back to inspire a new generation of leaders! Day-to-Night™ Barbie® Doll was originally released in 1985, and now she’s ready to change the world again as a vintage reproduction doll. Shockingly, Barbie® Signature Principal Designer Bill Greening didn’t have the original Day-to-Night™ Barbie®… Read More

  12. Get ready for the perfect friendship pairing! Barbie® Senior Design Director Robert Best showcases the playful side of his haute couture stylings with the release of Barbie® Hello Kitty® Doll. This collaboration captures the essences of both beloved icons, in a fashion inspired by Hello Kitty’s si… Read More

  13. “I’m so hyped and honored to be part of the legacy of this series!” So says Barbie® Signature Senior Designer Carlyle Nuera about this year’s Holiday Barbie® Dolls, arriving with three different skin tones, facial sculpts, and hairstyles. It’s a first for Nuera, who’s designed Holiday Barbie® doll… Read More

  14. Barbie® debuted in 1959, but she didn’t move into her first Dream House until three years later, in 1962. And now, for the first time ever, Barbie® Signature has created a swell new reproduction of Barbie® Dream House®! “It was a challenging project – we’ve never produced a vintage structure befor… Read More

  15. Selma DuPar James™ Barbie® Doll has arrived on the scene, and for a limited time, the only place you can find her is at Barbie® Signature! The final doll in the Harlem Theatre™ Collection, she embodies another facet of the real-life Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s. “Selma DuPar James™ represents f… Read More

  16. From the magnificent rolling hills, deep forests, wild coastlines, and picturesque lochs of Scotland comes Sorcha™ Barbie® Doll! Her traditional Gaelic name, meaning “radiant,” perfectly suits her fiery spirit. Sorcha™ Barbie® Doll is the fifth doll in the jet-setting Global Glamour™ Collection, e… Read More

  17. A cool new vibe hits #TheBarbieLook™ Collection with the arrival of #TheBarbieLook™ Barbie® Doll! In her signature style, Barbie mixes the best of chic urban looks with the latest runway fashion. To reflect the most appealing fashion trends, designer Bill Greening looked at candid pictures on popula… Read More

  18. #TheBarbieLook™ Collection takes an innovative step forward with the addition of #TheBarbieLook™ Barbie® Doll! While staying true to the realism of the line, the concept for this design is based on today’s most desirable evening apparel with a touch of irresistible dazzle! According to designer Bi… Read More

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