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  1. By Allen Voivod It's the latest design for the longest-running tradition in the history of Barbie® dolls! It's also never too early to celebrate, and we're more than ready for the big reveal. In this, the global fashion icon's 60th anniversary year, we're proud to introduce the 2019 Holiday Barbie… Read More

  2. By Allen Voivod Sixty years ago, a doll that changed the world debuted in black and white. Today, Barbie honors her past and looks to the future with the Barbie® Black & White Forever™ Doll! Featuring a vintage face sculpt and using the posable Silkstone® doll body for endless display possibili… Read More

  3. By Allen Voivod The first-ever Barbie® Signature Doll Design Showdown is also bringing to light the work of a previously-unheralded creative on the Barbie® design team – Angel Kent! All four designs competing for your vote are the product of Angel's imagination. To get you acquainted with him, Ang… Read More

  4. By Allen Voivod Barbie® Signature is about to try something new … something daring … something bold. In other words, something worthy of Barbie® and her stunning history as a global fashion icon! We’re making the final preparations now, and we wanted to let you know that something big is in the … Read More

  5. By Allen Voivod With a shared passion for everything pop, Barbie® celebrates the artistic impact of renowned artist Keith Haring, whose colorful work continues to inspire and delight! Keith Haring X Barbie® Doll honors Haring’s life and legacy with a fashion that embodies his distinct visual langu… Read More

  6. If you’ve followed Barbie® Signature for any length of time, you’re familiar with designers like Robert Best, Bill Greening, Linda Kyaw, and Carlyle Nuera. But they’re not the only talented people designing Barbie® dolls for adult collectors! You may not be as familiar with Amy Lee, Lauri Sipos, C… Read More

  7. Inspiration is as breathtaking and mysterious as the sea itself. To capture that fleeting burst of insight and joy, Barbie® Signature dove deep and emerged with a marvelous new creation: Mermaid Enchantress™ Barbie® Doll! Last year, Barbie® Signature launched the enchanting Mythical Muse™ series o… Read More

  8. What follows is an excerpt from a much longer piece by Chris that’s being offered as a beautiful downloadable for Barbie® Signature members! Already a member? Log in to get it. Not a member? Join now for instant access! Muse. Pioneer. Icon. That’s Barbie® doll, a fashion model whose stride down an… Read More

  9. For Barbie® doll's 60th anniversary, a fashion from 1960 is coming back as a vintage reproduction – and this time, a doll comes with it! Meet the Barbie® Busy Gal™ Doll, who made time in her schedule to be sure she could join this year's festivities. Students of Barbie™ history will recognize her … Read More

  10. A "diamond jubilee" marks the occasion of a 60th anniversary. Anything with that kind of lasting influence deserves to be celebrated! So allow us to humbly present the Barbie® 60th Anniversary Doll, which embodies all the class and elegance this moment in time deserves. Time has a way of flying fa… Read More

  11. 2018 Holiday Shipping Deadlines!

    By Admin 2, in News,

    Happy holidays to you and yours! We hope you get everything you wish for this year. And when you order Barbie® Signature dolls, we want to make sure they arrive before 12/25! So please, take careful note of these shipping deadlines. For order processing on shipments being delivered to address in t… Read More

  12. Barbie® doll and PUMA unite to pay homage to the 50th anniversary of the classic Suede sneaker! From the courts to the curbs, it’s been worn by icons of every generation, and now one of the biggest icons wears them, too: Introducing the PUMA Barbie® Dolls! Go inside the Mattel Design Center with B… Read More

  13. Arriving just in time for the holidays, Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns is an all-new sequel with a fresh sensibility that celebrates the spirit of the original! Our Disney Mary Poppins Returns Dolls are inspired by the key characters and magical scenes from the upcoming film. In the new movie, Mary… Read More

  14. The award-winning hit musical WICKED has captivated audiences for 15 years, and is one of the most successful productions of all time. Now, its main characters have been honored in a brand-new way. Join us for the premiere of Wicked Elphaba and Glinda Barbie® Dolls! WICKED tells the untold story o… Read More

  15. Coming soon to theaters, and even sooner to Barbie® Signature! Disney’s The Nutcracker and the Four Realms is inspired by E.T.A. Hoffmann’s classic tale, and our Disney The Nutcracker and the Four Realms Dolls are inspired by the characters and costumes from the enchanting new movie. One of the la… Read More

  16. "I have a passion for vintage Barbie and I love the 1960s Mod era," says Barbie® Signature Principal Designer Bill Greening. The two come together in groovy fashion with the arrival of the Barbie® Mod Friends Gift Set in the online shop! Celebrating 50 years of friendship, the gift set captures an… Read More

  17. In honor of the debut of Barbie® The X-Files™ Agent Fox Mulder Doll and Barbie® The X-Files™ Agent Dana Scully Doll, Barbie® Signature is taking you behind the scenes! See what went into creating the dolls made to celebrate the 25th anniversary of one the most successful television dramas of all tim… Read More

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