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  1. At the stroke of midnight, she arrives in all her dark glory to an opulent palazzo overlooking the Grand Canal, where guests at a masquerade ball revel in gothic grandeur. Her entrance stuns the spirited crowd—they gaze at her in silence. Venetian Muse™ Barbie®! Only the trancelike melody of a flu… Read More

  2. He is iconic and distinctive. She is fabulous and fun. When one of the world’s most famous fashion designers partners with the most celebrated fashion doll, the result is a must-have for fans of style. Introducing the extremely limited edition Barbie® KARL LAGERFELD doll! He, of course, is Karl Lag… Read More

  3. Hollywood Dreamin’ With Barbie®

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    By Matt Stevens For me, summertime means showtime — at the movies! Who needs sunshine and beaches when I can be in a dark, air-conditioned theater shrieking at Godzilla, cheering on Spider-Man, or laughing at outrageous Bridesmaids? Long before multiplexes, we had drive-ins. My siblings and I used… Read More

  4. Barbie® Style for Fall!

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    By Matt Stevens I’m always excited for the arrival of autumn. I could say it’s because the days get cooler and the leaves change color. But the real reason is the change of seasons gives me a great excuse to shop — for the latest fall fashions and accessories! Autumn is the perfect time to find gi… Read More

  5. Barbie®, The Secret to Her Success!

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    By Chris Varaste Recently, a creative director at a popular fashion house shared with me her personal favorite Barbie® story. She’d received Day to Night Barbie® (1984) as a child, and the doll changed her impression of fashion. “I loved Day to Night because Barbie came in a smart pink business sui… Read More

  6. Life's a Costume Party for Barbie®!

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    By Chris Varaste According to Shakespeare, all the world’s a stage — lucky for us, all of Barbie doll’s fashions have a theatrical flair! Costume design is an integral part of her tremendous appeal. Many of her fashions are costumes with an ability to conjure dreams and evoke fantasies. Because of… Read More

  7. Your Holiday Preview issue of The Barbie™ Collection is here! The festivities start with the Barbie® Fashion Model Collection featuring four bravo beauties and the new Gianfranco™ Ken® doll (p.5). The Venetian Muse™ Barbie® doll makes her grand debut (p.8) and “spirit” abounds with the Haunted Beau… Read More

  8. On her very first outing in 1959, Barbie® stole the show, clad in a sizzling zebra-striped swimsuit! Now, collectors can celebrate the 56th anniversary of her splashy debut with 2015’s Black & White Bathing Suit Barbie® Doll! Designer Bill Greening explains, “Because she comes in the iconic swimsui… Read More

  9. Celebrate the season in glittering, glamorous style! The most wonderful time of the year is now even more magical, thanks to the magnificent 2014 Holiday Barbie™ Doll, dressed to dazzle at the merriest parties. Barbie® doll has been commemorating the holidays with a unique look each year since 1988… Read More

  10. Welcome to the Holiday Gift Guide! Celebrate the season and all its traditions in style! The 2014 Holiday Barbie™ doll makes a gorgeous gift and is the perfect addition under any tree (p.4). Add sparkle with six Barbie™ holiday ornaments—great for tree-trimming and gift-giving, too (p.4). Then it… Read More

  11. Rejoice! It’s time for the holidays, that special time we gather together with family and friends to celebrate. We share gratitude for the blessings of this year and good wishes for the year to come. And if you’re anything like me, one thought has been in your mind since, oh, around August... “What … Read More

  12. Living life joyously and always fashionably. Modeling the perfect look and that unstoppable attitude in any situation. That’s The Barbie Look® Collection what makes so stunning! The collection kicked off in 2013 with the City Shopper™ dolls, each dressed to impress while exploring the hottest fashi… Read More

  13. By Matt Stevens It’s almost time to raise a glass and toast 2015! But before ringing in the New Year and making resolutions (which I’ll forget by February), I’d love to pay tribute to my favorite designer dolls from 2014. This year marked many sartorial highlights for Barbie®, who provided endless … Read More

  14. You’ve heard about the BarbieSM Fan Club – now it’s time for you to join! No other Barbie® doll club takes you inside the world of Barbie® fashion and design like the BFC™. Starting today, it’s time for you to see it for yourself! Starting January 14th, 2015 at 9:00am PT, the 2015 BarbieSM Fan Club… Read More

  15. By Chris Varaste An ethereal guardian, Lady of the White Woods™ Barbie® Doll is a key figure in the mystery of the Faraway Forest™. I’ve already conjured a dozen scenarios for this romantic figure who watches over the silent yet beckoning woodlands… Her rustic costume suggests she rules th… Read More

  16. The Global Glamour™ Collection welcomes a two new and fabulous faces this month! We’re thrilled to introduce you to Mutya™ Barbie® Doll, who also heralds the arrival of a new designer to The Barbie™ Collection – Carlyle Nuera. Mutya™ Barbie® may be Carlyle’s debut doll for The Barbie™ Collection, b… Read More

  17. Make a Wish With Barbie®!

    By Guest, in News,

    By Matt Stevens I believe birthdays should always include quality time spent with loved ones — and heartfelt wishes made over blown-out candles. Nobody understands this better than Barbie®! Recently, my entire family gathered at my father’s favorite restaurant to celebrate his milestone birthday, … Read More

  18. Spring means new beginnings and this issue marks the debut of our new catalog design! With a fresh look and exciting content, get ready to celebrate everything Barbie®. You’ll find new dolls, current Barbie™ news and designer profiles. Plus look for special feature articles covering the past, pres… Read More

  19. By Allen Voivod There’s an exciting change happening behind the scenes, and you’ve been getting glimpses of it in catalogs and emails for a while now. Barbie® Collector is now “The Barbie™ Collection”! The Barbie Collection team revealed more about this stylistic evolution during a spirited Q&A ses… Read More

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