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  1. First came 2009's Splash of Silver™ Barbie® doll, sparkling in her sophistication. Then came  2010's Glimmer of Gold™ Barbie®, raising the stylish stakes. And now, for the third doll inspired by Grecian design and glamorous couture - Pinch of Platinum Barbie! It's the third in a series of dolls cr… Read More

  2. Barbie® Brought It, Russian Style

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    Wrapping Up the 2011 Barbie® Fashion Model Collection by Tara Zucker When I think of Russia, I think of many things - majestic snow-covered landscapes, great works of literature, and a culture rich with tradition. But mostly I think about fabulous hats and boots. And spies. And that is why… Read More

  3. Call her "out of this world," a "supernova of style," even a "glamtastic vision of futuristic fashion!" She's the Goddess of the Galaxy™ Barbie® Doll, and before she begins her fabulous reign on planet Earth, designer Bill Greening took a few moments to talk about this sci-fi-inspired sensation. W… Read More

  4. Designing Pirates

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    Exclusive Interview with Linda Kyaw on the making of Captain Jack Sparrow and Angelica! Calling all Pirates of the Caribbean fans! Want insider access to all the “making of” details on Captain Jack Sparrow doll (including the deets on that killer Johnny Depp sculpt) and Angelica doll? The wait … Read More

  5. Bill Greening's Biggest Passion

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    "I love looking at the history of fashion through Barbie," says Bill Greening, one of the principal designers for Barbie® Collector. And as you'll see in this video, his connections with the iconic doll go all the way back to his childhood. Using product packaging as fashion inspiration, and wi… Read More

  6. Barbie® Rules the Universe!

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    Pop divas landing on red carpets in alien “egg-ships” or hurtling through space in fiery comets?! It must be back-to-the-future on planet Earth because even Barbie® is turning to sci-fi for fashion inspiration! As Goddess of the Galaxy, she’s a space-travelling astral-femme in silver bustier and spa… Read More

  7. A special sneak peek video of the San Diego Comic Con Carol Ferris Barbie Doll®! Carol Ferris Barbie® Doll ($35) Landing in special action figure-inspired packaging, it’s Barbie® as Carol Ferris, lifelong friend and childhood sweetheart of Green Lantern hero Hal Jordan. Dressed in her green f… Read More

  8. by Matt Stevens There’s a faded, black-and-white photo hanging on my wall. It’s me at age three (when I was cute, as my older siblings tease), wearing a tiny Batman™ cape, mask, and t-shirt. Though I have no memory of this adorable getup (I was cute in it!), my earliest remembrances do include … Read More

  9. The epitome of elegance and sophistication, Grace Kelly lit up the silver screen as an Academy Award-winning actress, won the affections of Monaco royalty, and thrilled the world as a charming, fashionable princess. Now Barbie® doll — another multifaceted beauty — pays homage to this global icon wit… Read More

  10. by Chris Varaste If you had to pick a color to represent the summer months, what would it be? Since we’re talkin’ Barbie® here, naturally it’s got to be pink! That includes Barbie pink as well as all the gorgeous shades that brighten your garden this time of year. With pink roses in f… Read More

  11. Artist’s Model!

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    Barbie® doll, the ultimate muse, embodies three major works of art — with a fashion twist — courtesy of visionary designer Linda Kyaw for The Barbie® Museum Collection! “For the Museum Collection, I wanted to do something different,” Linda explains, “so we went with the most iconic paintings of al… Read More

  12. Set against the romantic and mysterious backdrop of the Trans-Siberian Express, five lives intersect at a busy train station. They come from different worlds, but they have a few things in common – remarkable couture in vivid, scintillating colors, and modern twists on traditional designs. These are… Read More

  13. A Picture of Grace

    By Guest, in News,

    by Matt Stevens A horror auteur was obsessed with her. A European prince fell in love with her. And millions of fans were captivated by her remarkable film career and fairytale life. We still are. Grace Kelly — even her birth name was synonymous with elegance and style — seemed destined fo… Read More

  14. This just in...

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    The Barbie Collector Mad Men Joan Holloway doll was featured in the current issue of People magazine in the ‘Beauty Watch’ section alongside a Q&A with actress Christina Hendricks. The Q&A is ‘fill in the blank’ style with Christina saying that having her own Barbie is... “Crazy! It’s every little g… Read More

  15. From serving in the U.S. Signal Corps to extensive work in music, television, and film, photographer Bruce McBroom has had an epic career. You may know him best for his iconic photo of Farrah Fawcett, the best-selling poster of all time and the inspiration for the new Farrah Fawcett Doll. Read on fo… Read More

  16. Celebrated actress Grace Kelly was already an international sensation prior to her engagement to Rainier III, Prince of Monaco—but it was their whirlwind courtship that became the stuff of legend! Dashing prince, stunning movie star and a fortuitous meeting at the Cannes Film Festival riveted fans, … Read More

  17. It’s official dolls, I’m an architect! Time flies when you’re having fun, and this summer has been a rush! Phase 1 of my pink-prints for the Dream House remodel are complete and Phase 2 promises to be even more a-mazing with a total revamp of my walk-in closet, dressing room, and patio. I’m lear… Read More

  18. Touched by an Angel!

    By Guest, in News,

    by Matt Stevens Who is that fresh-faced, feathered-hair beauty? As a latchkey kid in the ’70s, raised on a steady diet of TV, I sat up in my beanbag chair every time Farrah Fawcett appeared onscreen. Somehow she made the glow of our Zenith glow even brighter. I didn’t know her name yet but recog… Read More

  19. The King's Sandwich

    By Guest, in News,

    by Matt Stevens, photo by James Williams As a former Southern boy, nothing takes me back to the land of Dixie quicker than hearing an Elvis Presley song. See, I was raised in the King’s hometown, Memphis, since I was knee-high to a duck. To this day, I can’t help falling in love with “Love Me Tend… Read More

  20. Pillow Talk, 2.0!

    By Guest, in News,

    by Chris Varaste I’d never watched the romantic comedy starring Doris Day and Rock Hudson so I ordered the DVD after seeing the terrific new Barbie® Collector giftset. Before the film arrived, I tuned in to some serious modern-day romance—caught a healthy dose of hysteria (Bridesmaids), sh… Read More

  21. Guys and Dolls!

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    by Chris Varaste The new Sinatra™ Barbie® doll exudes the superstar’s trademark cool, something I’ve often wished I could do. In high school, I even tried to emulate Sinatra’s song stylings… A Sinatra LP was often spinning at neighborhood shindigs when I was a teen growing up in New York. … Read More

  22. There’s no better time to switch up your wardrobe than FNO. Shops open late into the night, plenty of fab deals for fall frocks, stilettos clicking throughout the streets of Manhattan… fashion truly comes to life on this doll-ightful night! Only one challenge: as you can imagine, trying to find it… Read More

  23. Ooh La La! Le Moulin Rouge!

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    Paris, je t’aime! I’ve been a Francophile since studying French in high school and college, and in the fall of 2008, I realized a lifelong dream of visiting the City of Lights. My nine-day trip was beyond magnifique — the museums, the food, the fashion, the palpable joie de vivre! With my passable… Read More

  24. Lights dim, the orchestra swells and showgirls in ruffled dresses sashay across the stage! You’re seated front row center at the Moulin Rouge, the preeminent Parisian nightclub, famous for its cabaret performers — none more spectacular than the cancan dancer. Moulin Rouge™ Barbie® doll, the star … Read More

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