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Mermaid Enchantress™ Barbie® Doll Is Your New Mythical Muse™!

Inspiration is as breathtaking and mysterious as the sea itself. To capture that fleeting burst of insight and joy, Barbie® Signature dove deep and emerged with a marvelous new creation: Mermaid Enchantress™ Barbie® Doll!

Last year, Barbie® Signature launched the enchanting Mythical Muse™ series of dolls with a fantastic design from Bill Greening: Unicorn Goddess™ Barbie® Doll. That introductory doll was a tough act to follow, but designer Amy Lee rose to the challenge. The result? A worthy companion that takes the fantasy even further than before!

Sequins in soft coral and sea-foam hues evoke the idea of fish scales as they cover Barbie® doll’s mermaid tail, which is realized as a delicate pleated organza fin. This creates a shimmering effect from every angle – if you take her out of the box, that is! And you’ll definitely need the included doll stand to display her properly.

Her iridescent ensemble also features a sparkling, multi-colored bodice, and her accessories, inspired by the ocean’s treasures, include a coral-accented headpiece, peplum, and earrings. Perhaps most striking of all, her flowing pearlescent-colored hair is kissed with hints of pastel pink and blue highlights, and woven into a delicate braid.

This collectible Barbie® doll is fully articulated for posability and, like all new Barbie® Signature dolls, comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Platinum Status members have the first opportunity to add Mermaid Enchantress™ Barbie® Doll to their collections, beginning March 20th. Sign in or join now, then head to the online shop and add this second Mythical Muse™ to your fantastic collection!


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