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Introducing the Waiting Room Functionality for High-Demand Sales!

The recent upgrade to a new website platform for TheBarbieCollection.com also included a change to how our sales are handled – especially when it comes to high-demand, low-quantity items like Platinum Label® Dolls.

Now, when our website is experiencing a large volume of traffic due to a sale, a “Waiting Room” feature will kick into place. You’ll see this notification when you try to shop the in-demand doll:


Here are a couple of things in that graphic that bear repeating:

1. Once you’re in the waiting room, stay there. Don’t refresh the page, and don’t navigate away from it. Doing so will remove you from the waiting room, and you’ll have to re-enter and start the process all over again.

Our website will automatically send you from the Waiting Room to the shop page for the item you want to purchase, when it’s your turn to be sent out of the Waiting Room.

2. An item you’re trying to buy may sell out before you get out of the waiting room. On the new platform, the number of buyers in the shop itself at any one time is controlled to create a more efficient and stable shopping experience.

If the item you want sells out before you’re released from the Waiting Room, it doesn’t mean that the Waiting Room prevented you from getting the item you wanted. The Waiting Room functionality only manages what was previously a challenging process for our servers to handle – the demand that arises from a very popular sale.

Thanks very much for your patience and consideration as we continue to make TheBarbieCollection.com your favorite destination for Barbie® dolls, gifts, apparel, and more!

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