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In Haute Pursuit: Classic Camel Coat Barbie® Doll!



Every globetrotting entrepreneur needs quick access to fashions with an executive flair! Bustling from airport terminals to boardroom meetings, today’s careerist depends on essential fashion staples that make great first impressions. With that in mind, the BFMC™ introduces Classic Camel Coat Barbie® Doll!

Featuring the new articulated Silkstone® body sculpt, this goal-oriented exec tops off her smart ensemble with the most elegant of camel coats—a streamlined version of a timeless classic—a sleek and fitted trench coat. Barbie doll’s tapered new coat makes a bold statement for a busy cosmopolitan dynamo. 
On the run, Classic Camel Coat Barbie Doll’s urban look comes with 24/7 professional flexibility. Sporty and casual for daytime elegance, the coat also transitions into an evening look for a night out with friends, enjoying the city. Regardless of the hour, the precise and well-chosen professional attire Barbie doll coordinates with the coat lends the entire ensemble a touch of class. 
Arranged to accentuate the tawny coat’s neutral palette, Barbie doll wears a sharp black turtleneck, paired with a faux-fur leopard skirt and a pair of black leggings. A black handbag and stylish black ankle boots complete her outfit. To top off the savvy look, Barbie sports a pair of deluxe round sunglasses over her glossy long blonde hair.
She’s also as fresh-faced as her innovative new look. Her features and makeup are bright, with soft brown eyebrows highlighting her captivating blue eyes. She wears a hint of azure eye shadow and dons a bright shade of brilliant red lipstick for a dash of color.
Edgy and stylish, this BFMC exclusive reaffirms Barbie doll’s status as one of the world’s leading trendsetters. Dressed from head to toe in black with a hint of excitement and enveloped in a sumptuous camel coat, this look is one many fashionistas will be sporting in and out of the office in the very near future! 
Also, for those who love to mix and match, the entire ensemble coordinates with a variety of different Silkstone® Barbie fashions—ensuring Barbie always appear sensational in an instant!
The luxurious Classic Camel Coat Barbie® Doll is right here at your fingertips at our online shop!
Click here to download the April Calendar.
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