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Imagination comes in all shapes and sizes. Learn how Barbie is evolving.

We asked the Barbie team to share their thoughts on the latest evolution of Barbie.


QUESTION: Could you describe how the idea for the dolls started?

EVELYN: It really all started with a vision. We wanted to evolve the brand and be a more authentic reflection of the world girls live in today. So we looked out at the world, looked at what was happening in culture, and decided to infuse the brand with more diversity and variety.

QUESTION: So, how does this influence the design of the dolls?

EVELYN: The designers went on this exploratory and experimental phase of just looking out there and creating all these different prototypes. We looked at all different shapes, and it was really an incredible creative journey. That is where the journey started.


QUESTION: What drove you to make these changes from a design standpoint?

KIM: There is an emotional connection to the work that we do that runs really deep. We have a new leadership team that encourages us to take risks and do things that we never had the opportunity to do before. And now, when I look at the new dolls...one is more petite, one is taller, and one is curvier.


QUESTION: How would you describe the designers that worked on the latest line?

ROBERT: Every person who touches the toy brings a level of passion, commitment, enthusiasm, and joy to what they’re doing. Mattel’s a place where everybody can share and bring ideas to the table. It absolutely is a creative process.


QUESTION: What inspired you and the team as you designed the new dolls?

SHIRLEY: I think Barbie’s a part of all our lives. We try to do everything the best we can every day. I get emotional because this is from our heart and we love our job so much and we care so much. We design from our heart.




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