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Go Behind the Scenes for the Making of the Alex Morgan Barbie® Shero Doll!

By Allen Voivod


Have you heard the news? Alex Morgan has been honored as a Barbie® “Shero,” a woman who has broken boundaries to inspire the next generation of girls. In this exclusive for Barbie® Signature, you'll get to see exclusive images from the making of the Alex Morgan Barbie® Shero Doll.

We talked to Barbie® Signature Lead Designer Carlyle Nuera, who worked on this project and provided the images below. And we asked him this question: What's the most challenging thing for you in creating a doll for someone who exists in the real world, as compared to a doll based on Barbie® that’s also coming from your imagination?

Carlyle says, "I think the most challenging thing is shrinking a human size outfit to doll scale. We might have to change the fabric to one that drapes well and isn’t too bulky on a doll (and one that meets our manufacturing & safety standards). We might have to simplify construction and seams, because more seams means more seam allowance on the inside of the garment, and that can create bulk. Graphics might also need to be reworked and simplified because scaling down logos and tiny art might render them illegible.

"When designing the Alex Morgan Shero Barbie Doll’s outfit, we designed the outfit from scratch based on real soccer uniforms that she wore. So we were able to take into account all the particularities of designing for Barbie."

Check out these behind-the-scenes images of the Alex Morgan Barbie® Shero Doll below. She's a Black Label® doll, retailing for $29.99 in the online shop. Get her for yourself and gift her for your favorite soccer fan!


3D Heads.jpg

INSPIRED BY AN ORIGINAL: 3D models reveal how we sculpted the doll to Alex Morgan’s likeness.


Fabric Swatch.jpg

MADE FOR A MATCH: This is the final design Carlyle used for the creation of Alex’s uniform.






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