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@BarbieStyle Fashion Doll Series: Choose Barbie® or Ken™ for the fourth Doll!

By Allen Voivod

For the final doll in the 2020 @BarbieStyle Fashion Doll Series, we're doing something a bit different. We're splitting the vote into two rounds, and for the first round, you have a simple choice: Barbie® or Ken™!

Simple, yes. Easy? Maybe not! After all, Barbie® and Ken™ both have millions of fans all over the world. We can't wait to find out which one you'll choose to represent the fourth doll for the @BarbieStyle Fashion Doll Series. Your choices will define the winning doll to be manufactured by Mattel. Each doll, available for purchase in the Barbie® online shop in 2021, will come with on-trend fashion separates and LOTS of accessories to create your own styles.

Since its debut on Instagram in 2015, the @BarbieStyle fashion blog has grown to more than two million followers. Thousands of fans visit the feed every day to see what city Barbie® is visiting, what she’s planning, and to check out her latest look. Whether she’s setting fashion, beauty, or cultural trends, it’s no secret: Barbie® has style.

Now it’s your turn to influence the influencer! Vote to bring your favorite @BarbieStyle-inspired fashions to life. Once you decide on whether Barbie® or Ken™ will be the fourth doll, you'll get to vote on fashions, hairstyles, shoes, and everything in between in a second, separate poll early next year. 

Be sure to follow @BarbieStyle on Instagram as the first-round poll for the fourth doll is open, and you can cast your vote there. You can also click the button below to vote now!




Want more details? Read the sections below titled What Is the @BarbieStyle Fashion Doll Series? and How to Vote for the @BarbieStyle Fashion Doll Series, then vote for the Summer Doll today! And keep an eye on your email for future voting opportunities. (Make sure you're getting our emails by checking your email preferences. If you haven't signed up for our emails yet, just click here to get our email newsletter.)


How to Vote for the @BarbieStyle Fashion Doll Series Dolls

1. Save the calendar below to know when voting opens and closes for each doll design.

2. Membership is not required to vote. Simply click the “Vote Now” button above to be taken to the survey.

3. On the survey page, read the instructions, then place your votes. NOTE: You can only vote once per poll, and once cast, your votes cannot be changed – so consider carefully before placing your votes!

4. Be sure to check email and check in at Barbie® Signature after the polling closes to see the final results, and don’t miss your chance to be a part of a new series of Barbie® creations!

5. Be sure to follow @BarbieStyle on Instagram to keep up with the latest trends in the world of Barbie®!


2020 @BarbieStyle Fashion Doll Series

Voting and Sale Schedule*   




Fourth Doll (Winter Doll): Barbie® or Ken™



Fourth Doll (Winter Doll): Design Elements

Spring 2021

Spring 2021

 *Final voting dates subject to change.


What Is the @BarbieStyle Fashion Doll Series? 

Barbie® Signature will manufacture and offer the four @BarbieStyle Fashion Doll Series dolls, created using design options pre-selected by Barbie® fans. Anyone can participate, and anyone can purchase the final produced dolls.

We will conduct four polls, each lasting one week, in which anyone may vote for their preferences of the offered choices. You may vote only once per poll. Be sure to vote before each poll closes!

After a poll is closed, the winning choices will go into further design to manufacture the doll. Placing your votes is NOT a commitment to purchase the resulting doll, and voting in the polls is not required to purchase the resulting doll.

Each doll will be available for purchase from Barbie.com approximately one (1) year after the related poll closes. Though these dates are subject to change, we anticipate the following:

Spring Doll: Available Q2 2021
Summer Doll: Available Q3 2021
Fall Doll: Available Q4 2021
Winter Doll: Available Q2 2022


Further details will be available when the dolls are offered for purchase.


Please note: The dolls, fashions, and accessories depicted in the voting images are design prototypes. Final production design, colors, and textures may vary slightly.



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Personally I think I should the winter doll should be a Ken cause there's not enough of them around these days so that's where my vote is going.

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