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Barbie® 60th Anniversary Career Doll Limited Edition Bundle!

By Allen Voivod


60 years. More than 200 professions. Barbie® has been breaking the "plastic ceiling" for decades, and Barbie® Signature is celebrating this aspirational series of dolls with a Barbie® 60th Anniversary Career Doll Limited Edition Bundle, available in the online shop beginning 12/18 at 9:00am PT!

You could technically consider her 1959 Original Teenage Fashion Model™ debut as her first "job." But for historical purposes, the 1965 Astronaut Barbie® serves as the first example of Barbie® working in a field where women are traditionally underrepresented, to show girls that they can be anything!

This limited edition bundle, created for Barbie® Signature, gathers together six dolls that honor some of Barbie® doll's most iconic careers. Their fashions have been updated for 2019, and you'll also find that the set includes dolls with a variety of body types, skin tones, eye colors, and hairstyles. Each doll also comes with a related accessory for a day on the job.

The six roles represented in the set (and the years of the original releases) include:

  • Astronaut (1965)
  • Athlete (1975)
  • Pilot (1989)
  • Firefighter (1995)
  • Political Candidate (2004)
  • News Anchor (2010)


The bundle packaging features special background notes, and images of each of the original career dolls. Made to inspire limitless potential, the Barbie® 60th Anniversary Career Doll Limited Edition Bundle works as a treasured collectible keepsake and a gift to help girls of all ages imagine everything they can become. Head to the online shop on Wednesday, 12/18 and get this special set for yourself or someone you love!





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Says limited edition 60th Anniversary Career Doll Bundle.  Is this bundle gold label?  Limited to how many?

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Oh my goodness! I logged in to the waiting room 3 hours before these went on sale..... I guess they only made a couple, because it transferred me to the page to purchase at 12:01 PM EST (1 minute after going on sale) and they were SOLD OUT. So very disappointed....

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I haven't been able to purchase it - the site just won't let me, so I'll try calling.

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