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Barbie® Busy Gal™ Doll: A Vintage Reproduction of an Iconic Fashion!

For Barbie® doll's 60th anniversary, a fashion from 1960 is coming back as a vintage reproduction – and this time, a doll comes with it! Meet the Barbie® Busy Gal™ Doll, who made time in her schedule to be sure she could join this year's festivities.

Students of Barbie™ history will recognize her attire and accessories as "Busy Gal #981," so numbered because it was part of the 900 Series of fashions released for Barbie® doll in her early years. With this and other new outfits of the time, girls had more opportunities to play with Barbie® any way they could imagine – and imagine themselves into new opportunities, too!

Barbie® Signature has created a version of Busy Gal #981 that's true to the original, but this time the doll isn't sold separately. The Barbie® Busy Gal™ Doll features a vintage face sculpt with retro details, and adds golden hoop earrings to go with her original ensemble. She wears a red skirt and jacket over a crisp, red and white pin-striped blouse bodysuit. Her accessory game is still on point, featuring a navy blue woven hat, woven belt, navy slides and black, cat-eye framed glasses.

The reproduction wouldn't be complete without three final important pieces – two of her bold and stylish fashion sketch sheets tucked inside a portfolio emblazoned with "Barbie®, fashion designer" on the front. Looking back, this 981 concept seems to foreshadow Barbie® doll's future influence on the world of haute couture!

She may be a "Busy Gal," but she's never too busy to celebrate something as special as a diamond anniversary. And now, it's your turn to mark this milestone occasion by adding the Barbie® Busy Gal™ Doll to your collection. She's in the online shop right now, so don't your calendar distract you. Get her today, before she takes off for her next appointment!

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