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Art of the Pose: Classic Black Dress Barbie® Doll

Classic Black Dress Barbie® Doll brings the fine art of modeling to the 2016 Barbie® Fashion Model Collection!

The beautiful Silkstone® Barbie doll is a fashion model with a twist—she has an all-new articulated body! Her ability to display fashions with the benefit of a flexible figure makes her a perfect candidate for experimenting with classic posing techniques.

Now, Classic Black Dress Barbie Doll can recapture many of the famous stances from fashion’s haute couture heyday. She’s also a dream model for today’s digital-age fashion photographers.

Barbie doll’s posable body sculpt adds artful realism and dimension to her graceful poses. Thanks to her articulated wrists, her expressive hands can frame her face and feminine curves or accentuate her fashion accessories.

Designer Robert Best raves about the new doll’s versatility. “It does open up really exciting new ways in which the doll is able to showcase the fashions and clothes!”

A mix of everything we’ve come to love about the high-concept Silkstone® collection, Classic Black Dress Barbie Doll remains timeless and elegant with a fresh-faced makeover. She wears her platinum tresses swirled into a ponytail, wtih a retro sweep of eyeliner over her aqua eyes.

With lips shaded a frosted pink, she’s ready to turn heads wearing a staple from every fashionista’s closet: the little black dress! Classic, chic, and flirty, Barbie gives the iconic look a modern kick, donning a pair of knee-high glossy black boots on her fabulous jointed legs!

A fashion doll innovator, Robert Best decided 2016 was the perfect year for elevating the acclaimed Silkstone line to greater heights. “It was definitely time to shake things up and give some new excitement to the collection.”

The first in The New Classics Collection, Classic Black Dress Barbie Doll is a welcome addition to the BFMC—giving us a glimpse of the prestigious label’s innovative, glamorous future. 

Get ready to photograph Classic Black Dress Barbie Doll in all your favorite poses—she’s available now at our online store!

Click here to download the February calendar.

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