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An Interview With Heidi Klum By Barbie® Doll

Barbie: We’ve already had quite a year together! From the runway at New York Fashion Week to my Malibu Dream House birthday party to our recent work together on the gorgeous Barbie Doll® As Heidi Klum – it’s been a doll-lightful time. Tell me, what’s been your favorite Barbie experience so far?

Heidi: It has been an absolutely amazing experience to have a Barbie® doll designed in my image. Talk about a real dream come true! My favorite part of the experience so far would have to be the process of actually designing the doll. It was really cool to go to Mattel and see all of the steps involved in creating a Barbie — the hair, the hand painted makeup…

Barbie: Barbie Doll® As Heidi Klum is part of my Blonde Ambition™ Collection that celebrates iconic blondes in fashion and entertainment and includes other notable blondes like Marilyn Monroe and Goldie Hawn. How do you define “blonde ambition?”

Heidi: Marilyn Monroe & Goldie Hawn are not only style icons but also such strong and powerful women. I am truly honored to be included in the Blonde Ambition Collection with such ladies.

Barbie: You were closely involved in the making of your doll. What was your favorite part of the design process? What was the most challenging?

Heidi: I knew I wanted her to have long 'real' eyelashes and I also thought it would be such a cute surprise to have each doll wearing a painted bra & panty set.

Most importantly, I kept my daughter Leni in mind while designing. I wanted her to not only be proud of the way her mama was represented, but also to include a few of her favorite things: the color pink and beautiful long hair. I ended up wearing a dress inspired by the doll’s mini dress to a Victoria's Secret red carpet event. I have to say, the finished doll is even better than I had hoped for! I am so proud my doll is one of Leni's favorites in her large Barbie collection.

The most challenging part would have to be choosing only one look to be represented! I wish I could have designed 10 dolls, all with different outfits and hairstyles. The process is just so much fun, I felt like a kid in a candy shop!

Barbie: What was your one must-have fashion piece or accessory for Barbie® doll® as Heidi Klum?

Heidi: My big yellow canary diamond ring. It is my engagement ring and I never take it off so my doll had to be wearing it as well. I love it and I know my Barbie does, too!

Barbie: Since we’ve worked together this year, you’ve started a Barbie collection. What are some of your favorite Barbie dolls?

Heidi: I would have to say the dolls designed by Bob Mackie. I’m inspired and humbled by his enormous talent. He doesn't just design — he creates magic! The designs and the details are like exquisite works of art. I love the drama and fantasy he creates, like the Cher dolls as well as the Le Papilllon doll and Lady Liberty. My favorite Barbie in my personal collection is the Bob Mackie Empress Bride, which is just spectacular.

Barbie: I’ve talked to girls of all ages about their love of Barbie® Collector dolls. What do you think makes Barbie collecting so special to so many girls and women around the world?

Heidi: I think it is a passion that starts as a kid and just never fades. She has a dream house, an amazing wardrobe, and has accomplished everything from being a teacher to an astronaut to a doctor to a glamorous showgirl to a rock star! Since getting my first Barbie as a child, I have spent countless hours making up stories while I played. I think that sense of inspiration and creativity always stays with a true Barbie fan.

Barbie: How do you think Barbie collecting can grow and strengthen bonds between girlfriends of any age?

Heidi: I love watching my daughter and her friends play with their dolls. They create such elaborate stories and it reminds me of playing with my friends and our Barbie dolls when we were the same age. There are over 30 years between us yet the same blond haired, blue eyed doll brings us both so much enjoyment. I love that Leni is such a fan and we can now build a collection together. I am sure she will grow up with the same great memories of Barbie that I have.

Barbie: I believe you’re never too young to be inspired and never too old to play. Which dolls in your collection inspire your imagination?

Heidi: Again, the Bob Mackie dolls are like fairytales that have come to life. He created a doll that has a unicorn dress and another who seems to be wearing the moon. They are just so unbelievably creative and inspiring!

Barbie: Finally, we’d love to know your fave fashion picks of the following:

Shoe style: Boots or shiny stilettos?

Heidi: Shiny stilettoes.

Barbie: Favorite fragrance: Sweet and floral or light and clean?

Heidi: Strong and floral.

Barbie: Always in the suitcase: L.B.D. or broken-in jeans?

Heidi: Broken-in jeans.

Barbie: Must-have accessory: Cool pair of shades or bangles, bracelets and baubles?

Heidi: Jewels.

Barbie: 10-second beauty fix: A dash of mascara or the perfect lip gloss?

Heidi: Mascara.


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