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  1. By Allen Voivod Long before becoming co-captain of the U.S. women’s national soccer team, Alex Morgan demonstrated her winning attitude on and off the field. She has been honored as a Barbie® “Shero,” a woman who has broken boundaries to inspire the next generation of girls. The Alex Morgan Bar… Read More

  2. By Allen Voivod   Barbie® The Best Look™ Gift Set is the penultimate entry in the Barbie® Fashion Model Collection – for 2020, and for the collection itself! This is the final year for the haute couture segment from Barbie® Signature, and with this set, Senior Director of Barbie® Design Ro… Read More

  3. By Allen Voivod   Our Wonder Woman 1984™ Barbie® Gift Set celebrates the return of Wonder Woman™ in the newest chapter of her epic story! These movie-inspired dolls shine the spotlight on the timeless romance of Diana Prince™ and Steve Trevor™. Wonder Woman 1984™ finds Diana living qu… Read More

  4. By Allen Voivod They were an incredible hit when they debuted last year, a series of Barbie® dolls unlike any that fans of the brand had previously seen! The BMR1959™ Collection showcases how current trends influence the brand, and for 2020, a whole new set of bold designs has arrived in the on… Read More

  5. By Allen Voivod   The Star Wars™ x Barbie® Collection, inspired by the films’ original concept art, re-imagines iconic Star Wars characters through a distinctive Barbie™ high-fashion filter. This year, four new dolls join our collaborative homage to the beloved space saga franchise: dolls … Read More

  6. By Allen Voivod In a curated collaboration bridging two cultural icons, Barbie® honors renowned artist Jean-Michel Basquiat! His prolific body of work played an essential role in elevating street art from the underground to gaining well-deserved acclaim in the upper echelons of the art world. J… Read More

  7. Welcome Barbie® Best To A Tea™ to the BFMC®!

    By BarbieSignatureAdmin, in News,

    By Allen Voivod  It's hard to believe, but it's true: After an incredible 20 years and producing more than 100 inimitable instances of haute couture, the doors of the Barbie® Fashion Model Collection's atelier are about to close. Before they do, we'd like you to welcome Barbie® Best To A Tea™ D… Read More

  8. By Allen Voivod   The Barbie® Inspiring Women™ Series pays tribute to incredible heroines of their time – courageous women who took risks, changed rules and paved the way for generations of girls to dream bigger than ever before. Today, we're excited to welcome three new role models into t… Read More

  9. By Allen Voivod   60 years. More than 200 professions. Barbie® has been breaking the "plastic ceiling" for decades, and Barbie® Signature is celebrating this aspirational series of dolls with a Barbie® 60th Anniversary Career Doll Limited Edition Bundle, available in the online shop beginn… Read More

  10. By Allen Voivod It may still be 2019 on the calendar, but at Barbie® Signature, it's time to start revealing dolls from next year's line! And what better way to get things going than with Best in Black™ Barbie® Doll, the first entry in the 2020 Barbie® Fashion Model Collection. Glamour, s… Read More

  11. Thank you so much for being part of the Barbie® Signature collecting community! Your support is greatly appreciated, and we're always looking for opportunities to improve your experiences with us. We're thrilled to announce a coming change – to a newer, more modern, and fully supported forum experie… Read More

  12. By Allen Voivod The BMR1959™ Collection has arrived in the online shop! To celebrate the advent of this new streetwear-inspired series, Barbie® Signature is bringing a special event to Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles! At 3:00pm on Tuesday, October 30th, a unique BMR1959™ truck will arrive on Melro… Read More

  13. By Allen Voivod After nearly two weeks of hints, production photos, behind-the-scenes looks, and much more, the BMR1959™ Collection has finally arrived in the online shop! Today, we talk to the designer who brought these streetwear-inspired looks to life in an exclusive Q&A. Carlyle Nuera,… Read More

  14. By Allen Voivod Renowned digital influencer and entrepreneur Chriselle Lim has been creating quite a stir in the fashion industry since she started her career as a wardrobe stylist for prominent fashion books and celebrities. Now, her signature working woman’s fashion-forward looks have been captu… Read More

  15. ¡Barbie® celebra el Día de Muertos!

    By Guest, in News,

    Por Allen Voivod Día de Muertos es una festividad tradicional desde hace muchos años en la que las familias y los amigos se reúnen para celebrar las vidas de sus seres queridos difuntos. ¡La Muñeca Barbie® Día de Muertos celebra las tradiciones y los símbolos que a menudo se ven durante esta festi… Read More

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